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Family Christmas | December 2016Family Christmas | December 2016 Family Christmas | December 2016Family Christmas | December 2016 Family Christmas | December 2016Family Christmas | December 2016


Today is December 31st, 2016, and currently you two are sitting in my lap watching The Peanuts Movie. Neither of you have seen this before and are completely fascinated by it. I wanted to write this letter to you two in hopes that in 10 years time, you two could have an understanding of how much I cherish these times with you. My beautiful princess you are about to turn 7 and my sweet prince, you are just 3 1/2. I thought I could first wrote about who each of you are and then tell you what I wish for you in the future.

My Princess, you are so very funny, and smart and you have a heart of gold. You love to pretend to be a teacher and a mommy to your baby doll Alivia and your brother. You are my first born and I am so glad that God gave me you, you showed me what it truly means to be a mom, we have had ups and downs (even at 7 years young) and I know we will have many more. You love to sing and dance, and your smile can light up a room. I hope for your future that you achieve every dream you wish. I hope that for our future you still come to me and talk to me about everything that's on your mind. (As long as you are not tattling on your brother.) My princess, I hope that you keep your innocence and your passion. 

My Prince, you are so sweet and sensitive. You love playing with your cars, Paw Patrol pups, and dinosaurs. You try so hard to do the things your sister does, but don't quite understand that you aren't old enough yet. You have no fear and yet, you always are worried about monsters in the closet. (Good thing I have an awesome supply of Go Away Monster! Spray) I hope love, that when you are older that you are still a sweet, sensitive and fearless young man. I thank the Lord every day that he blessed me with you. 

I hope that as you both get older that you go on as many adventures as possible, I hope that you both continue to love and cherish each other, as you do now. I hope that you both protect and stand up for each other if need be. You two come from families that will always put family first, we may all fight and bicker and annoy each other, but at the end of the day we are always going to protect each other. You have parents who will love and raise you two to be the best person you can be. You have grandparents who will always spoil you and take you on adventures, you have aunts and uncles who will show you what life is really about. You both have brothers who will also be there to share this life with. I hope that one day both of you will understand that people are not perfect and that sometimes we make mistakes.  I hope that in the future that you don't fault me for the choices I made, even ones you don't quite understand yet (even in 10 years). Mommy is not perfect, and it's okay that I'm not.

The number one thing in my life is to make sure that you are loved fully and to bring as many adventures, happiness, sadness, and joy to help mold your life into one that you can tell your future families about. 

You're everything I never knew I always wanted. 

With all of the love my heart can hold,


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