Krystine & Mason // Couple's // Maclay Gardens // Tallahassee Couples Photographer

December 19, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Krystine & Mason !Krystine & Mason !

Poem for My Love

By June Jordan

How do we come to be here next to each other   

in the night 

Where are the stars that show us to our love   


Outside the leaves flame usual in darkness   Krystine & Mason !Krystine & Mason !  

and the rain 

falls cool and blessed on the holy flesh   

the black men waiting on the corner for   

a womanly mirage 

I am amazed by peace 

It is this possibility of you asleep 

and breathing in the quiet air


Everyone longs to love and to be loved; it's built in our DNA.

These two seem as if they were built to complete each other. Watching them interact was like watching a sunflower reach for the sun; it's part of what makes them so special. 

Thank you for asking me to photograph such a lovely occasion. 


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