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The best ways to prepare your kids for photoshoots!

1. Bring some cute outfits! Everything from bright colorful outfits to pretty tutus brings out the biggest smiles in little girls- and for the boys bowties and hats make for some adorable and dashing photos!

2. Sometimes props will out the biggest smiles! Your kid's favorite stuffed animals or action figures will make for happy photos.

3. Letting your kid run around will make for some gorgeous and giggly candid shots! Getting to see the excitement and wonder through photos of your kids will be something you treasure for a lifetime.

4. Make sure to bring water and snacks, kids get dehydrated pretty easily and you want to avoid hangry kiddos as much as possible.

5. Make sure to bring your best fun faces! When kids do photos on their own it's best to make some faces behind the camera for the best photos and big smiles!

6. Sometimes the best photos are unplanned! While having a list of family photos in mind is a great idea, there will always be a few unexpected moments. Flexibility during a family photoshoot is super important!

7. And remember, be patient and enjoy the moments! These photos and the shoot itself is a memory being made!


Family Photographer: Trickey Photography


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Ashley & James // Engagement // St. Mark's Lighthouse // Tallahassee Engagement Photographer Ashley & James 

St. Mark's Lighthouse
May 2021

A lot of my clients haven't had professional photos. 

Ashley and James were in the same boat, however, you would have never known it. They have such a chemistry that made my job so easy. The session brought so many smiles and laughter. 

I'm so excited for their wedding!
Their love is truly amazing and it shows in the photos.

Engagement Photographer: Trickey Photography 

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The Evan's // Wedding // Shiloh Farm // Tallahassee Wedding Photographer Tiffany and Tyler

February 2021
Shiloh Farm

Tiffany and Tyler are a match made in heaven, or well, on the hunting fields near Perry. These lucky shots found each other when hunting for something else. Who knew they were both going to big home the big one on that trip? 

Watching them on our engagement session I knew their wedding was going to be one in a million, and boy, was I right. It was an amazing day with the best weather at the most outstanding venue. Travis and I really enjoyed working that day! 

Shilohs Farm is so unique! It offers a bridal cottage, large oaks for just the right amount of shade, rolling fields of green, an adorable white chapel which is attached to the most rustic-chic barn I have ever come across. There is so much love and life on that land. 


Wedding Photographer: Trickey Photography @trickeyphotos 

Venue: Shiloh’s Farm @shilohfarmevents

Make Up: Lisa Davis @imagebylisa 

Hair: Kristine Dobosenski @tallybeautygirl 

Caterer: Red Hills Catering @redhillscaters

Florist: Mrs. Dent, Shiloh’s Farm

Dress: Vocelles @vocellesbridal

Cake: Pink Box Bakery 

DJ: Amplify Entertainment @amplifydjs


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Dodson // Family // Maclay Gardens // Tallahassee Family Photographer Dodson Family

February 2021
Maclay Gardens

This family is the definition of fun and positivity! They were so much fun to work with. I mean, how cute are these little ones?!

The Japanese Magnolias set the perfect backdrop for this sweet family!

Venue: Maclay Gardens
Family Photographer: Trickey Photography

]]> (Trickey Photography) Family Photographer Maclay Gardens Tallahassee Family Photographer Tallahassee Photographer Trickey Photography Thu, 03 Jun 2021 16:47:31 GMT
Brandon & Victoria // Engagement // Maclay Gardens // Tallahassee Engagement Photographer Brandon & Victoria

March 2021
Maclay Gardens

Brandon and Victoria have been together for a lifetime, you can see how much they love each other by the way they look at one another. The couple celebrated wedding planning by getting their engagement photos done in beautiful Maclay Gardens with the Japanese Magnolia trees in bloom. We are so excited to shoot their wedding in June!

Engagement Photographer: Trickey Photography

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Summer Photo Shoot Tips Tips for Summer Photo Shoots

Get ready to make memories with Trickey Photography!

With summer coming up it opens the door for some gorgeous backdrops, perfect for family moments, romantic summer weddings, and exciting beach getaways! Here are some tips on how to prepare for summer fun.

1. Dress for the heat! While summer in the South is known for its brutal heat, it does allow for breaking out sundresses, flowy bohemian styles, and sweet skirt outfits. To match the feeling of summer and the flower-y backdrop wear white and bright colors to highlight your surroundings. To bring out the best of summer (and beat the heat) bring an umbrella. It adds a romantic flare to any photo while staying cool.

2. Prepare for the landscape. Outdoor shoots in the park are a lot of fun but need everything from sunscreen and bug spray to backup deodorant to beat the heat and the bugs! 

3. Hydrate as much as possible! Remember to start drinking water the day before for ideal hydration. Bring one or two water bottles per person and make sure to drink your water while walking to the next spot or take hydration breaks between shots!

4. Prevent your makeup from running! The summer heat can cause your makeup to run, using a good setting spray can prevent your makeup from sweating off your face.

5. Go on an adventure! Take a trip to one of the gorgeous beaches around Florida and cool off in the gorgeous crystal clear waters of St. George Island or even Alligator Point! 

6. Shoot for golden hour but don’t forget that summer lighting can bring some gorgeous sunsets! If you’re taking photos at night you can get some magical shots of your kids chasing after lightning bugs or some lovely silhouettes of you and your sweetheart. The possibilities are endless!

7. For summer weddings try using sparklers! Not only do they make for magical photos but they also highlight the beauty of summer while delighting your guests.

8. Enjoy your surroundings. Spray on that bug spray and (safely) tromp through the grass, sometimes going off the beaten path can make for the best photos! 

9. Bring bubbles for the kids, or adults! Bubbles are truly the essence of summer, they cause smiles and are perfect for getting that happy, giggly candid shot!

10. Remember to enjoy the moment, summer is the time for watermelon and fireworks! Capturing these special moments will bring smiles and laughs for years after.

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The Jacques' // Wedding // Havana Springs Resort // Tallahassee Wedding Photographer Jacques Wedding

Havana Springs Resort
November 2020


“It’s the little things that matter the most”

You can tell that Amanda and Kevin are in love from the way they look at each other; they speak a love language that most have never heard. It's unending. I'm so thankful to witness such a love. 

Amanda does a job that very few can do; teach. Not only can she teach, but she's the kind of teacher that really makes an impact. My children were not able to have her as a teacher, but they still know her by name and speak very highly of her. 

I've known Kevin and his family for over a decade, (or two). Even as I write this a smile comes to my face, and if you've spent anytime with the Jacques you understand why. What a family! There has very been a dull moment and I am so thankful for all the happy times. I'm so glad you are here today Kevin, I can only image how hard it was for you to get here due to all the medical mountains in your path. You conquered them, well, crushed them really. 

Thank you for letting me photograph this amazing day in your lives. 

Wedding Photographer: Trickey Photography @trickeyphotos 
Make-Up: Jamie, James Aesthetic @jamesaesthetictally
Hair: Erin, Pearl & Honey @pearlandhoneysalon 
Caterer: Chef Billy, Rutabaga
Dress: White Weddings @whiteweddingstallahassee
Suit: Dillards
Cake: Publix
Day of Coordinator: Lianne Bell
Venue: Havana Springs Resort @havanasprings


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The Neubauer's // Wedding // Glen Arven Country Club // Thomasville Wedding Photographer Hannah and David

October 31st, 2020
First Presbyterian Church Thomasville, GA
Glen Arven Country Club, Thomasville, GA

“I love you with so much of my heart that none of it is left to protest with. Come, bid me do anything for thee. Come, ask me to do anything for you”- William Shakespeare 


Hannah and David are two halves of the same soul and you can tell very quickly after meeting them, they complete each other. Their gorgeous wedding with white dresses and tuxes was the perfect way to showcase their unique, loving moments; not only because it was absolutely gorgeous but also because the bride used to work there and got to see some of her close friends at her wedding! It was truly a beautiful start to the rest of their lives!

Ceremony Venue: First Presbyterian Church, Thomasville, Ga
Reception Venue: Glen Arven Country Club
Coordinator: Hilary DeArmon
HMU: Brenna Beever & Miranda Dane
Florist: Batalie Braswell
Caterer: Glen Arven Country Club
Dress: White Magnolia
DJ: DJ's to Go
Cake: Lee Cain


]]> (Trickey Photography) Glen Arven Country Club Thomasville Wedding Thomasville Wedding Photographer Trickey Photography Wedding Photography White Magnolia Sun, 14 Mar 2021 18:21:31 GMT
Riley // Lifestyle Newborn // Georgia // Georgia Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Riley Arline

January 2021

I know having a little one shakes up your whole world, and leaves you feeling uncertain or scared, but one things I can promise you is that you will never find another love like the love you share with each one of your children. Each child is special and irreplaceable. Each child will show you new things, new love, new ways of looking at life that will forever reshape who you are. 

Riley is a very lucky girl, Leah and Tyler. You are going to be great parents! 
The dedication and love that you all show to each other will continue to grow, even through sleepless nights. 

I can't wait to see her again soon!

Newborn Photographer: Trickey Photography


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The Taylor's // Wedding // Crum Farms // Crawfordville Wedding Photographer Ashleigh & Ryan 

November 2020
Crum Farms, Crawfordville

I knew, JUST KNEW, after meeting Ashleigh and Ryan at their engagement session, that their wedding was going to be perfect. && just look at how these photos turned out. 

The fall color palette that Lily Lou Designs composed is a photographer's dream. The wispy, yet purposeful, floral arrangements on the tablescapes really help take the wedding to whole other level.

However, the icing on the cake, (speaking of, HOW CUTE IS THAT DOG CAKE?), was being in the presence of two incredibly thoughtful, loving and kind individuals on such a memorable day. Ashleigh and Ryan's relationship just makes sense; you get it from the moment you meet them. You can really see that they not only love each other, but they respect each other as a team. 

This was such a fun wedding for Trickey Photography to photograph and video. I really enjoy when we get to be wedding videographers as well. As an artist, I feel like I get to fill in some of the spaces. 

Wedding Photographer: Trickey Photography
Wedding Videographer: Trickey Photography
Venue: Crum Farms 

Rentals: A to Z Rental, Tent
Rentals: Fairytales, Chairs and Dance Floor
Rentals: Talquin, Portable Restroom
Caterer: RyRy’s Kitchen
Wedding Planner: Lily Lou Designs
Florist: Lily Lou Designs
Design and Decor: Lily Lou Designs


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Barn at Hilltop Acres // Wedding Venue Styled Shoot // Monitcello Wedding Photographer Barn at Hilltop Acres

November 2020

It is always incredible when a new vendor enters the wedding industry in our area. There are so many talented, thoughtful, and driven business owners that surround and support our area. There is so much love to give!

The Barn at Hilltop Acres is no exception to this. The owners are not only a completely adorable couple, but they are also a great addition to what our wedding industry can offer. They put so much thought and consideration into building.

The venue has:  a bridal suite, a groom suite (yes, gentlemen, you actually have a place to get ready), warming kitchen, ceremony site, covered reception area, picture perfect backgrounds, plenty of parking, and great areas for photos! 

This venue is definitely one of my new faves!

Venue: Barn at Hilltop Acres @thebarnathilltopacres

Floral: Carol Cartee Creations @carolcarteecreations

HMU: Kristine @tallybeautygirl

Model(s): Emily @mrsemilydaus 

Model(s): Shelby @saxphotos850

Dress: White Weddings @whiteweddingstallahassee

Truckster: Fizz and Foam @fizzandfoamtap 


]]> (Trickey Photography) Barn at Hilltop Acres Marianna Wedding Photographer Tallahassee Photographer Trickey Photography wedding photographer Wed, 03 Feb 2021 01:21:26 GMT
The Knowles' // Family // South Eden Plantation // Tallahassee Family Photographer Knowles Family 

South Eden Plantation
October 2020

This family, this amazingly wonderful family, is one in a million.
I've been blessed with getting to know them through church and through our home team (church small group). They have helped me through so many troubling times and they've cheered with me through the wonderful times. Constantly, they open their homes and hearts to others. I am so thankful for them and their love. 

When Shannon scheduled her annual holiday photos with me, she wanted something with luxury and charm. There is no better place for that than South Eden Plantation. South Eden is rich in history and gives a welcome home vibe to all that enter its gates.  

Family Photographer: Trickey Photography
Venue: South Eden Plantation

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Boles' // Maternity // Philippe Park // Safety Harbor Maternity Photographer Chelsee & Ryan

Philippe Park, Safety Harbor
October 2020

"You are so precious to me, sweet as can be, baby of mine" — Dumbo

I have photographed Chelsee and Ryan’s engagement and wedding, which was truly wonderful! But now, I get to help them mark the expansion of their family, how amazing it is to watch their family bloom! They have so much love and care to give. This little baby is going to be spoiled, for sure. :) 

Can't wait to meet the little one! 

Maternity Photographer: Trickey Photography
Venue: Philippe Park

]]> (Trickey Photography) Marianna Maternity Photographer Marianna Photographer Maternity Photographer Philippe Park Safety Harbor Tallahassee Maternity Photographer Tallahassee Photographer Trickey Photography Sat, 26 Dec 2020 17:00:00 GMT
Jess' // Graduation // Railroad Ave // Tallahassee Graduation Photographer Jessica Knowles

October 2020
Railroad Square

“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body."- Elizabeth Stone, teacher and author. 

No truer words could ever be spoken about parenthood. Watching you grow up from a curly-haired cutie to a beautiful young woman has been one of my and your dad's greatest honors. Time and time again, we are in awe of your beautiful spirit that brightens every room you enter and your determination to succeed at both school and sports. The compassion you show others is inspiring. Seeing you firsthand tend to the needs of the children in Nicaragua during our family mission trip was one of our proudest moments. It cemented in you a passion to not only help those who are less fortunate, but it also enabled you to grow and mature spiritually. 

Your favorite bible verse has always been Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." We hope this verse stays with you throughout your life's journey and serves as a reminder of all that God has in store for you. We cannot wait to see your next chapter unfold, His blessings for you and all of the amazing things you will accomplish. This is your story, write it well. 

From Dad and Shannon 

Graduation Photographer: Trickey Photography
Venue: Railroad Square



]]> (Trickey Photography) Graduation Photographer Railroad Square Tallahassee Photographer Trickey Photography Thu, 05 Nov 2020 16:07:38 GMT
The Lynn's // Wedding // Waverly Pond // Tallahassee Wedding Photographer Samantha & Jason

Waverly Pond
July 31st, 2020

Cute outdoors couple. Love science and nature. 

"You are the sun to my sunflower and the moon to my evening primrose;I will bloom with you everyday!"- Katherine Sokol

 What a perfect day for a wedding! Samantha and Jason had a beautiful elopement at Waverly Pond full of sunshine and flowers. 


Wedding Photographer: Trickey Photography
Officiant: A Beautiful Wedding in Florida

]]> (Trickey Photography) A Beautiful Wedding in Florida Elopement Photographer Tallahassee Photographer Trickey Photography Waverly Pond wedding photographer Mon, 02 Nov 2020 02:55:23 GMT
Tyler & Tiffany // Engagement // Lamont // Tallahassee Engagement Photographer Tyler & Tiffany

June 2020
Lamont, Florida

We’ve been hunting for deer and we’ve been hunting for ducks, but all along our hearts were hunting for each other! 

Tyler and Tiffany met in beautiful Lamont, Florida; they went to use the same tree stand and the rest is history. They were able to return to the same hunting ground for their engagement photos! I’m so excited to work with them again in February for their wedding! 

Engagement Photographer: Trickey Photography 

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The Ibarra's // Wedding // Lichgate Park on High Road // Tallahassee Wedding Photographer Lindsey + David

Lichgate on High
March 2020

A wedding is a glorious way to start a morning! Especially, when the wedding has DONUTS and swords.  

Most Tallahassee Natives know of, or have visited, Lichgate Park, but if you haven't seen it, lemme just say, you are MISSING out. It's this tiny park on High Road, and from the moment you park and start walking down the trail to enter the park, you feel like you're entering a new world. It's amazing oasis. 

Mary and Sydney did a wonderful job with the girls hair and make-up. Don't they look perfect? The flowers from Mrs. Jodi really tie all the color of the day together. && the dress from Absolute Haven Bridal is the cherry on top! 

“Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.” —Mother Teresa

Wedding Photographer: Trickey Photography
Venue: Lichgate Park on High 
Officiant: A Beautiful Wedding in Florida, Amanda Reeves 
Hair: Mary King
Makeup: Sydney Medina
Flowers: Jodi Fletcher
Donuts: Donut Kingdom
Dress: Absolute Haven


]]> (Trickey Photography) A Beautiful Wedding in Florida Absolute Haven Bridal lichgate park lichgate park on high road tallahassee photographer trickey photography wedding photographer Mon, 31 Aug 2020 17:45:01 GMT
The Ash's // Wedding // Edison // Park Ave Inn // Tallahassee Wedding Photographer Lauren & Ryan 

Park Ave Inn
The Edison
March 2020

A day full of color and laughter; Ryan and Lauren said "I Do!" 

The Park Ave Inn is an absolutely adorable venue. The light that comes into the bridal suite is breathtaking. The whole building has a darling historical vibe that makes you feel like you're not in Tallahassee anymore. It's truly a wonderful place.

Lauren and Ryan picked the Edison for their ceremony and reception site! The Edison provides an all-in-one wedding experience, which makes the planning process a lot easier. They have a fun urban look that brings a fun twist to any occasion.  Not to mention, the food and drinks are spot on! 

Between the stylish details from Terri Smith Details and all the brilliant and bright flowers from A Country Rose, the whole building looked like a dream.

My dear friend, Melinda, with Abernathy Entertainment, ALWAYS brings the fun! There's never a dull moment with the ladies from Abernathy! They are always super flexible and easy to work with; which makes events so much more enjoyable. 

And to pull it all together and make sure everything runs smoothly, you have the great Amanda Reeves! Amanda is a super amazing lady with a heart of gold. She's also extremely experienced with weddings, which is perfect when looking for a wedding planner/coordinator. 

All in all, Lauren and Ryan know how to have a wedding! It was truly, and completely, a wonderful day with so much love!

Wedding Photographer: Trickey Photography
Wedding Videographer: Trickey Photography
Wedding Planner: A Beautiful Wedding in Florida, Amanda Reeves
DJ: Abernathy Entertainment 
Getting Ready Venue: Park Ave Inn
Ceremony Venue: The Edison
Rentals: Terri Smith Rentals
Caterer: The Edison

Makeup: Melissa Peters
Florist: A Country Rose
Dress: Absolute Haven


]]> (Trickey Photography) A Country Rose Park Ave Inn tallahassee photographer tallahassee wedding videographer Terri Smith Details The Edison trickey photography wedding photographer Wed, 26 Aug 2020 16:12:23 GMT
Fleming // Maternity // Dorothy B Oven Park // Tallahassee Maternity Photographer Holli + Bryce 

Dorothy B Oven Park 
April 2020

Watching a family grow has got to be the most rewarding part of my job; just look how amazing this family is! 

You would never know it was a cloudy day with how much Holli was glowing during her maternity session. Her family is perfect and wonderful. I'm so thankful to be their photographer. 

]]> (Trickey Photography) family photographer maternity photographer tallahassee family photographer tallahassee maternity photographer tallahassee photographer trickey photography Mon, 24 Aug 2020 18:41:45 GMT
The Hatcher's // Wedding // Good Shepherd Catholic Church // Florida Wedding Photographer Todd + Deidre
Good Shepherd Catholic Church
March 20th, 2020

Come rain or shine or pandemic, this couple will not be stopped! 

Deidre and Todd are the sweetest couple. I remember when I first met with them, and thinking, "how cute is this couple!" They compliment each other so well. I can't wait to see where they go in the future. The wedding day was gorgeous and she looked absolutely stunning. Everything was perfect. 

 I am so happy that I was able to photograph and take video of their big day.
I know it's not what they imagined, but I am absolutely positive that they will always enjoy this day.  

Wedding Photographer: Trickey Photography
Wedding Videographer: Trickey Photography

Venue: Good Shepherd Catholic Church
Wedding Planner: Erin Mook

HMU: Laura J Artistry
Florist: Hilly Fields
Dress: Vocelles


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Tamara // Bridal // Wedding // South Eden Plantation // Wedding Photographer Tamara's Bridal Session

South Eden Plantation
May 2020

Anyone that knows me, knows that South Eden Plantation is near and dear to my heart; since it's where Travis and I made our family whole. So when Kristine, with Beauty and Grace, reached out to me about doing a bridal session with Tamara, there was NO way I could pass this up. && This was such a fun bridal session with Tamara.

White Weddings kindly donated 3 dresses for us to use, and each one is stunning in their own way. My favorite is the over the shoulder dress. It gives such a simple elegance vibe, and photographs really well! 

Elle, with Missy Gunnels Flowers, did an epic job on the flowers. I'm not sure how she did it, but the bouquets perfectly complimented the dresses. The pink bouquet really accented the slightly blush wedding dress.

Kristine, with Beauty and Grace, really showed her master skills! She was able to show off all the best wedding hair styles while still perfectly highlighting each dress. I was extremely impressed! I mean, looks at that fishtail braid! && The way Kristine took the braid and magically turned it into a cute updo; AMAZING. I think it's a great idea for brides to do during their wedding day!

All of these vendors really know what they're doing! I can't wait to do another session with them!

Venue: South Eden Plantation
Hair and Make-Up: Beauty and Grace / Kristine
Flowers: Missy Gunnels Flowers / Elle
Dresses: White Weddings

]]> (Trickey Photography) Beauty and Grace Missy Gunnels Flowers South Eden Plantation South Eden Plantation Wedding Trickey Photography Wedding Photographer Wedding Photography White Weddings Mon, 08 Jun 2020 16:48:02 GMT
The Grossi's // Wedding // The Barn at Cottonwood // Florida Wedding Photographer The Grossi's 

February 2020
The Barn at Cottonwood Ranch

What a beautiful day so filled with love and fun! 
The Barn at Cottonwood Ranch is a great venue with so many options and accommodations for clients. They offer a bridal suite, a groom suite, many ceremony areas, a reception area, restrooms and warming kitchen. Not to mention, it's absolutely gorgeous. 

Erin and Tyler are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. They have a love that is infectious and powerful. Their day was filled with laughter, family and friends; just as a wedding day should be. & OH! When hanging out with the groom and groomsmen we noticed they had massive competition going on! There were different games and challenges to see who would win the trophy. This was the first time we have seen something like, and definitely think more should do it. Also, they had the cutest wedding favors; custom coffee mugs with their venue sketched onto it with their names and the date. Every detail was picked with care and love; and it showed!

Venue: Barn at Cottonwood Ranch
Videographer: J Rillan Dasalla
Hair and Makeup: UP & UP Artistry 
Cake: For the Love of Cake
DJ: JH Productions 
Caterer: Davoli’s Catering
Florist: Carrie’s Florist
Planner: Kiera Denny, Coastal Coordinating 


]]> (Trickey Photography) jacksonville wedding photographer tallahassee photographer the barn at cottonwood trickey photography wedding photographer Mon, 27 Apr 2020 19:36:30 GMT
Cheney // Maternity // Lifestyle - Homestead // Tallahassee Maternity Photographer The Cheney Family

April 2020
Cheney Homestead

A growing family is such a blessing!
Wendy and John have a love story for the ages and their children are heaven sent. I am so lucky to have them in my life. John is known as Coach John in our home, and the boys have so many fond memories because of him and his family. Wendy is a beautiful woman, inside and out. Her personality and smile light up any room. :) 

Baby Update: Rhesa Grace was born April 16th, 2020! 

]]> (Trickey Photography) Family Photographer Maternity Photographer Tallahassee Family Photographer Tallahassee Maternity Photographer Tallahassee Photographer Trickey Photography Thu, 23 Apr 2020 00:11:24 GMT
The Arline's // Wedding // Gin Creek Vineyard // Georgia Wedding Photographer Leah & Tyler

Gin Creek
January 2020

Love is being able to understand your person, even when no one else does.
Leah and Tyler understand each other and it shows. It seems as if she can just give him a look and he knows exactly what she's saying. It's amazing to see such a connection, but what's even better, is PHOTOGRAPHING that connection. 

This was such a beautiful event! Gin Creek is always a lovely venue for a wedding, and they give so many options to their clients. Southern Pines Catering is owned and operated by Leah's mother, and I can't praise the food enough. It was perfect!

Leah and Tyler booked us for 5 hours. :) Since there was no wedding party, this was just enough time to get everything they wanted. 

Wedding Photographer: Trickey Photography
Wedding Videographer: Trickey Photography
Venue: Gin Creek
Dj: Matthew Murphy
Catering: Southern Pines
Dress: Vocelles 
Florist: Blooms on Broad in Camilla & Cottage Flowers in Pelham 


]]> (Trickey Photography) georgia wedding photographer gin creek trickey photography videographer wedding highlight video wedding photographer wedding videographer Thu, 16 Apr 2020 16:00:32 GMT
Kyle & Brittany // Surprise Proposal // Cascades Park // Tallahassee Engagement Photographer Kyle & Brittany 

Cascades Park
Surprise Proposal 
February 2020

One of the best parts about my job is photographing moments in life that can never, ever be duplicated. 

I met Kyle a few months ago when he visited my church on behalf of Teen Challenge - a really great organization, if you don't know about it, check out the link after the photos. I felt led to help Teen Challenge with whatever photo needs they may have. A month or so later, he asked I would photograph Teen Challenge's new car wash establishment in town. (Also, they kindly cleaned my car while I was there photographing! && did a WONDERFUL job)

So when he reached out again, I had no idea it would be for something personal; I expected more amazing Teen Challenge fun-ness. Boy, was a I wrong! He blessed me by asking if I would photograph him proposing to his beautiful and kind, at the time, girlfriend, Brittany. & on VALENTINE'S DAY no less! This is like a photographers dream come trueeee! 

Congrats Brittany and Kyle! 

Teen Challenge:
Engagement Photographer: Trickey Photography

]]> (Trickey Photography) Engagement Photographer Proposal Ideas Tallahassee Engagement Photographer Tallahassee Photographer Trickey Photography Fri, 27 Mar 2020 01:42:55 GMT
Emily & Jacob // Engagement // Maclay Gardens // Tallahassee Engagement Photographer Emily & Jacob

Maclay Gardens
January 2020

The month of May is quickly coming and that means that Emily and Jacob are getting even closer to their big day!  

When Emily showed me what type of dress she was wearing for the session, I knew exactly where we needed to go for our session; Maclay Gardens! && If you're from Tallahassee, I'm sure you've noticed how beautiful the Japanese Magnolia Blossoms are. We were super lucky that Maclay Gardens was in full bloom. They made for the perfect backdrop for this couple. 

Emily and Jacob are a super sweet couple with a darling little one! I'm really happy to photograph their family on such a big day. We are going to have so much fun at the wedding! 

Engagement Photographer: Trickey Photography
Venue: Maclay Gardens 

]]> (Trickey Photography) Engagement Photographer Maclay Gardens Tallahassee Engagement Photographer Tallahassee Photographer Trickey Photography Mon, 16 Mar 2020 02:47:23 GMT
The Cunningham's // Wedding // Highgrove Farms // Georgia Wedding Photographer Jessica & Andrew

January 2020
Highgrove Farms

Jessica and I had more in common than I knew;
one very large thing was that we both lost our original venue when it shut down without warning last fall.
Thankfully, she and I both found extremely LOVELY venues. *Keep scrolling to see how perfect Highgrove Farms is*

I firmly believe that being Andrew and Jessica's photographer was a God thing. Especially, once I got to know them a little more. I found it really interesting that they both worked at Winshape, which in my opinion is one of the best Christian camps, well camps in general, a parent could send their child to. My children both ADORE it! & Andrew is a songwriter and singer, who mainly does gospel songs.
This couple is BUILT on FAITH

Jessica and Andrew booked us for our 8 hour package, which gave us plenty of time to get every special detail and cuddly moment.

Venue: Highgrove Farms
Dress: Vocelles 
Tux: Men’s Warehouse
Carter: Jackie’s Kitchen
Coffee and Smoothie: Brew-Zek’s
Videography: Southern Sun Media 
Cake: Lisa Gust
Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Gena Shiver


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Daniel // Newborn // Oldsmar // Lifestyle Photographer Baby Daniel

Newborn Lifestyle 
Oldsmar, Florida 

How cute is this creature?!
Daniel, you are one lucky little boy! Your mommy and daddy would do anything for you. 

I was so honored to be Shelby and Michael's wedding photographer a few years ago, so I bet you could imagine how honored I was to photographer their little man! Shelby and Michael were so kind to let me into their home, which is adorable, btw. 

Little Daniel was perfect during the session. 

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The Oliver's // Wedding // Gin Creek // Georgia Wedding Photographer Kathryn & Fuller

November 2019
Gin Creek 

We hope the two of you never stop loving each other and never stop showing your love to each other!
You have so much love to give and it's a beautiful and wonderful sight to see.

You all had such a beautiful wedding at Gin Creek.
The gray, white and blue all complimented each other so well.
The floral was elegant and timeless!
Everything was put together so beautifully and with so much care. 

Kathryn and Fuller booked us for 8 hours, plus an engagement session at St. Mark's Lighthouse. 
We also did their Wedding Highlight Video.



Wedding Photographer: Trickey Photography
Wedding Videographer: Trickey Photography
Venue: Gin Creek

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Anthony & Adrienne // Engagement // JR Alford Greenway // Engagement Photographer Anthony & Adrienne

December 2019
JR Alford Greenway 

Thank you for moments like this!

Anthony and Adrienne are way TOO amazing and I am so thankful for clients like them.
I can't wait to photograph their big day. We are going to have so much fun. The chemistry that these two have is unbeatable. It was so easy to get them to flirt and have fun with each other for the photos.  

Engagement Photographer: Trickey Photography 

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The Rhymer's // Wedding // Winsome Groove // Georgia Wedding Photographer Kayla and James

Winsome Grove
October 2019

Kayla and James tied the knot; said "I do"; exchanged vows.

On a lovely day in October, Kayla and James met at Winsome Grove to make the ultimate promise to each other. Trickey Photography was so honored to be a part of such a wonderful moment. The weather was outstanding and have you seen how adorable this couple is? We couldn't ask for a better day at work.

Kayla and James booked Trickey Photography for the 6 hour wedding package.  

Wedding Photographer: Trickey Photography
Wedding Videographer: Trickey Photography
Venue: Winsome Grove


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The Hunter's // Wedding // Goodwood Museum // Tallahassee Wedding Photographer Evan & Christa

August 2019
Goodwood Museum and Gardens

May all your days be happy ones! Great health and every good blessing to you.
May the roof above never fall in; May we below never fall out.
May there always be work for your hands to do. May your purse always hold a coin or two. May the sun always shine upon your window pane. May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain. May the hand of a friend always be near to you and May God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.
- Cheers! From Trickey Photography 

Evan and Christa were so much fun to work with. They have a very different style and went into their big day with a completely different mindset then what we see in the South. It was really fun to watch them in their traditions. The Goodwood Museums made a perfect location for their very intimate setting. 

They picked the Lovely Wedding Package.
We also did a short wedding highlight video for them. 

Wedding Photographer: Trickey Photography
Wedding Videographer: Trickey Photography

Venue: Goodwood Museum and Gardens

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The Sellew's // Wedding // The Locale// Mobile Wedding Photographer The Sellew's 

September 2019
The Locale

Byron and Katie are two incredibly wonderful people!  

Trickey Photography was so honored to be apart of their big day. The Locale in Mobile, Alabama was a great location for a wedding. It's a blank canvas that offers every guest the ability to make the place their own. && that's exactly what this couple did. They brought a luxurious and fun vibe to their wedding. 

Katie and Bryon hired Trickey Photography for the 8 hour photography package and Trickey Photography also was their wedding videographers. 

Wedding Photographer: Trickey Photography
Wedding Videographer: Trickey Photography

Venue: The Locale
Cake: Carol Monteith
Hair: Mary Giadrosich
Makeup: Rikki Shumate
Catering: Ramona Savell
Dj: Turn it Up 
Dress: Bliss Bridal, Fairhope AL
Tux: Men’s Warehouse 

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The Wiley's // Family // The Retreat at Bradley's Pond // Tallahassee Family Photographer The Wiley's

November 2019
The Retreat at Bradley's Pond

“Family and friends are hidden treasures, seek them and enjoy their riches.” –Wanda Hope Carter

This family is incredible! I am so blessed to be able to call them friends. Thank you Casey for always being so wonderful. 
&& thank you for perfectly coordinating your family's outfits. How beautiful do they look? It's like something you see off pinterest. 

The Wiley family booked Trickey Photography for a 30 minute Mini Session at the Retreat at Bradley's Pond!

Family Photographer: Trickey Photography 

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Carlie & Kevin // Maternity // FSU & Maclay Gardens // Tallahassee Maternity Photographer Carlie & Kevin

Fall 2019
Florida State University
Maclay Gardens <