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Woodberry Farms
October 2023

 Mackenzie and Luke's engagement photos were supposed to capture their love and excitement for the future, but these two couldn't resist turning up the flirting game! 😍

Check out this stunning couple slaying their engagement session among the beautiful backdrop of nature. 💑 Scroll through the photos to see more breathtaking photos from this dreamy shoot! 💍

✨ Don't miss out, this is one couple you won't want to miss! 😘💕

📸 Feeling the love at Woodberry Farms!

Engagement Photographer: Trickey Durham Photography 

Venue: Woodberry Farms

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The Jennings' // Wedding // The Station in Tifton // Georgia Wedding Photographer Emily & Malachi

May 2023
Tifton, Georgia

Being in love is a wonderful thing. To feel the joy of knowing you will be supported and cared for through all moments of life is so precious. It was such a treat when I first met Emily and Malachi at Maclay Gardens. They looked so sweet together. Truly, they looked like an American Eagle commercial. I loved it. It was so picture-perfect. 

We had some ups and downs with the timeline of the wedding due to military schedules but they were determined, and I was determined with them. It was so worth it. (I'm sure it was worth more to them, than to Travis and I, but y'all just look at these photos!) 

We had such a wonderful day with these two and their family. They were adventurous and fun. They trusted Travis and I do to what we love. Emily is drop dead gorgeous and Malachi looks like something from GQ. There were so many moving parts that came together perfectly to create such amazing and lasting memories; plus some pretty darn cool photos, if I do say so myself. 

Congrats again friends!

Venue: The Station

Photographers: Trickey Durham Photography

Caterers: Why Knot Catering

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Trickey Durham Photography // Husband + Wife Team // Wedding Photography Recently Engaged? Looking for a Wedding Photographer? 

I know that looking for wedding vendors can be difficult and a little overwhelming. I'm sorry that it feels like that sometimes. You're doing a great job and your big day is going to be wonderful. We would love to help with making your day as special and stress-free as possible. Travis and I have over 14 years of experience. (Well, Travis has been doing it since 2017 and I've been doing it since 2008). 

Below you will find our pricing and samples of our work! As well as an area to leave your information so we can reach out.

Elopement Wedding // $600 - 2 hours
1 Photographer

Lovely Wedding // $1500 - 5 hours
1 Photographer

Dazzling Wedding  // $2100 - 7 hours
2 Photographers

Sparkling Wedding // $2700 - 9 hours
2 Photographers
includes 1 hour engagement session

Luxury Wedding // $3000 - 9 hours
2 Photographers
includes 1 hour engagement session
includes 20 page photo album

All our packages come with high resolution of wedding day images in a password-protected online gallery. All galleries have the option to order prints online. And of course, unlimited free digital downloads with print release. We want all clients to be able to use the photos as they'd like. 


Venue: Wakulla Springs

Venue: Golden Eagle Country Club


Venue: St. George Island


Venue: Loblolly Rise Plantation


Venue: Sherlock Springs


Venue: Goodwood Museum and Gardens


Venue: Shiloh's Farm


Venue: The Conservatory at Waterstone


Venue: South Eden Plantation


Venue: Park Ave

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The Boles' // Wedding // Lewiswood Farms // Florida Wedding Photographer Lane & Seth-David

Lewiswood Farms
December 2023 

What a gorgeous boho chic wedding!

From the books to the hand drawn sketches, and the couches to the antiques, everything about this wedding was spectacular. I really loved the attention to detail and how each item really had it's place. 

Lane and Seth-David truly had a wonderfully, beautiful winter wedding.

Wedding Photographer: Trickey Durham Photography
Venue: Lewiswood Farm


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The Akhavan's // Wedding // Double Tree // Florida Wedding Photographer Neda + William

June 11th, 2022
DoubleTree Hotel

Luxurious. Adventurous. Glamorous. Fun. Loving. Elegant. 

This wedding was exceptional. 

The whole day, from start to finish, was picture perfect. It was such an honor to hang out with Neda and William. I remember when I first met them at Starbuck near FSU. They were so easy going and down to earth. They told me they trusted my creative abilities and they gave Travis and I the freedom to have fun. 

Look at how amazing these photos are! (Plus, check out their video in the blog before)

Venue: Doubletree Tallahassee @doubletreetallahassee

Wedding Planner: Sweet Tea Events @sweetteatallahassee

DJ: Abernathy Entertainment @abernathyentertainment

Dress: Vocelles @vocelles

Florist: A Country Rose @acountryrosefl

Make-Up: James Aesthetics @jamesaesthetically

Hair: Megan Breedlove



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The Akhavans // Wedding Highlight Video // Double Tree // Wedding Videographers Neda + William

Highlight Video
DoubleTree Hotel
June 11th, 2022

I love how versatile North Florida can be. We have gorgeous, rustic barns, lovely historical buildings, incredible chapels, and vibrant downtown venues! 

I adore the Akhavans (and their love for Pokemon!) I love how adventurous their were and how creative they let us be. It was an absolute treat working with them and their family.


Venue: Doubletree Tallahassee @doubletreetallahassee

Wedding Planner: Sweet Tea Events @sweetteatallahassee

DJ: Abernathy Entertainment @abernathyentertainment

Dress: Vocelles @vocelles

Florist: A Country Rose @acountryrosefl

Make-Up: James Aesthetics @jamesaesthetically

Hair: Megan Breedlove


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Biven's // Birthing Session // Capital Regional // Tallahassee Birthing Photographer Biven's Birthing 

January 2023
Tallahassee, Florida 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I feel like someone's first photo is worth so much more. I love wedding photography. I love family photography. I love maternity photography. How I feel about birthing photography is so much more. 

It has been an honor and a privilege to photograph the Bivens the last few years. I've been with them since their engagement photos. It's been such a lovely journey, and I am so lucky to be able to call them my friend. So of course, when they asked if I would do their birthing session, there was no hesitation.

Birthing photography is my favorite. If I could spend my days doing this, I would.

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Taylor & Ben // Couples // Dorothy B Oven // Tallahassee Photographer Taylor & Ben

Dorothy B. Oven Park
Fall 2022

Talk about public servants! These folks have dedicated their lives to helping others. Taylor and Ben are so selfless and kind. It was an honor photographing them last fall. (Plus, they look SO GOOD together! I mean, dang!)

We don't get "fall" for very long in Florida, but when we do it's gorgeous. I am so thankful when the leaves change. I feel like it's refreshing to remember that change is good and rest is good. 


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The Jones' // Wedding // Loblolly Rise // Georgia Wedding Photographer Matthew & Erin 

Loblolly Rise
December 2021

Erin and Matthew's wedding was spectacular!

Their first look was such a treat since they took time to read letters to each other. I feel like it gave Travis and I more insight into WHO they are, and can I just say, they are amazing. Erin and Matt love and appreciate the other's qualities and passions. They know each others strengthens and praise the little moments. It's a very special love. 

I just love when folks use dusty blue in their wedding. It's such an elegant color, in my opinion. Truly, the color palette was really well planned out and looked wonderful at Loblolly Rise. Their winter wedding was beautiful and special.

We were so honored to be their wedding photographers and wedding videographers.

Venue: Loblolly Rise Plantation @loblolly_rise_weddings

Planner: Wildflower Events @wildflowereventdesign

Hair: Amanda Blass @hairbyamandablass

Makeup: Laura J Artistry @laurajartistry

Dress: Vocelles @vocellesbridal

DJ: Abernathy Entertainment @abernathyentertainment

Caterer: Social Catering @socialcatering

Florals: At Last Florals @atlastflorals

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The Mullers' // Wedding // Golden Eagle Country Club // Florida Wedding Photographer Tia + Amani  

September 3rd, 2022
Golden Eagle Country Club

Elegant. Kind. Luxurious. Gentle. Glamorous. Affectionate. Fun. Loving. 

This wedding had it all. This wedding should be marked as a standard.

I could tell that Tia and Amani had a deep respect and love for each other when I met them for their engagement session but it was quite clear that their families had a deep love and respect for them as well. When Tia and Amani said they wanted to do a "first touch" instead of a first look I was so excited and just look at how cute they turned out. She cried. I cried. It was beautiful. 

Makeup: Bella’s Face @bellas_faces 
Hairpiece: @thebellabridalexperience 
Hair Stylist: @lawsofbeaute 
Wedding Planner: Sweet Tea Events @sweetteatallahassee
Venue: Golden Eagle Country Club @goldeneaglecc
Florist: A Country Rose @acountryrosefl
DJ: Fire Entertainment @dj_fire116


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Trickey Durham Photography // Wedding Photographers and Videographers Congrats!

You're engaged! Now what?

First, you need to pick a date and set a budget!

A lot of us are not sure where to start when setting a budget, which is valid because a lot of us haven't been married before. It's good to see what you can offer to the wedding and what you partner can offer to the wedding, then ask family what they are willing to help with. Thankfully, most reputable wedding professionals will have their pricing readily available or even directly on their webpages. 

(Here is ours: Trickey Durham Photography Wedding Photography Pricing )

Next, since you have a date and your budget, it's time to book your vendors. 

Vendors will be excited and happy to hear from you, but please be patience if it times take to get back to you. Most professional vendors will respond within 24-48 hours depending on the day. A lot of us work all weekend (weddings) so please note it's best to reach out during the week. 

12+ months prior

FIRST, A Wedding Planner

Top on the list a wedding planner/coordinator. This is not to say that you can't have a beautiful wedding without one, but boy, oh boy, do they make things a lot easier for you and your family. A wedding planner is like having a fast-pass at Universal; you will get through the line much faster. Wedding planners help you find vendors that match what you are looking for, start on budget, and problem solve. 

SECOND, A Wedding Venue

The wedding venue is definitely next on the list, and depending on the venue, you may need to shuffle your date if you're dead set on a certain place. Most venues are booking 1-2 years out, so it is very important to find one as soon as possible. Once you've found one it will make setting the foundation for your theme and decor so much easier! 

(Here is our wedding venue: Raylene Reserve Wedding Venue )

10-12 months prior

THIRD, Wedding Photographer / Videographer 

I think the wedding photography and videography is crucial (but I'm completely and totally biased). I have been photographing for over 14 years and my husband has been working with me for 5 years now. We have offered wedding videography for the last 3 years as an add-on.  Photography is about how you want to see the day so finding a photographer is very personal and you should make sure that the photographers you go with match your style and your vision; so that you all mesh together. I can tell you from experience that photographing someones wedding is very intimate and we spend a great time of time with our clients on the day of. 

(Here is some of our work: Trickey Durham Photography Wedding Photos )

Our Wedding Photography and Videography Pricing:
Lovely Wedding -$1750 - 5 hours - 1 Photographer - add highlight video $1000
Dazzling Wedding - $2450 - 7 hours - 2 Photographers - add highlight video $1400
Sparkling Wedding - $3150 - 9 hours - 2 Photographers
 - add highlight video $1800
Luxury Wedding - $3500 - 9 hours - 2 Photographers - 
includes 1 hour engagement session - includes 20 page photo album - add highlight video $1800

FOURTH, Wedding Florist

A florist can make or break a wedding day. They are truly magicians. They can completely transform a wedding. It's absolutely amazing what goes into building an arrangement and bouquets. Florist are not vendors you want to wait and book; book soon, and fast! **Also, tell them about your vision and hear what they have to say. Some of the best wedding I've been do, the florist had complete artistic control after the clients gave the a theme. 

FIFTH, Wedding Caterer

Yes, your family and friends are there to see you, but let's be real, they are also there for the food. Our area offers a wide and wonderful selection of caterers, but they also book up fast. Oh, make sure to let them know of any dietary restrictions and concerns up front. It makes the process later a lot easier. 

SIXTH, Wedding Music 

I'm sure all of us can name a song that moves us; makes us feel; lifts our hearts. Music is so special. Make sure to talk with your partner about what you want to hear on your wedding day; songs to make you happy, songs to honor someone, songs to get the party going!  

SEVENTH, Your Wedding Attire & Hair-Make Up 

Have fun! Get what you want to wear, not what your mom expects you to wear. One of the best tips I got when I went to try on dresses was to try on something that I didn't pick out, or didn't envision myself wearing. I am really glad I did, because that was the dress I went with. When considering your make-up, light and natural is wonderful, however, I would consider going a little more dramatic, it really helps define your face shape in photos; kind of like the theatre or ballet.

Your wedding is very important and will take time to plan, and might be stressful at times, so please don't forget to breathe and have fun. Our bodies natural forget stressful moments, your wedding should be one of those things. 


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Samples of Wedding Timelines for Florida Weddings // Trickey Durham Photography Need help with your Wedding Timeline? 

Here are some timelines from weddings in the past to help you get started. 

(Yes, these were really timelines from previous clients. Some are more detailed than others, which is okay, it’s your wedding, make it how you like!)


Below is a list of examples of weddings from each month. You'll notice that each timeline has similarity and differences. Some are really detailed and others are more flexible. Some have first looks, others have golden hour photos, and some have both. Your wedding is going to look different from these weddings and that's okay. These are just to show you how a timeline might look.



11:30 Photographer & Videographer Arrives (begin details) - Details 
12:00 Groom getting ready Photos – Groomsmen need to be getting ready also
12:30 Bride getting ready Photos
12:50 First look with Dad
1:00   Bridesmaid Photos
1:30   First Look + Bride/Groom Photos
2:00   Bridal Party Photos begin
2:00   DJ Arrives
2:30   Caterer Arrives
3:30   Bride in Hiding – Music in Chapel begins (instrumental Hymns)
4:00   Being Processional   
4:17   Ceremony Begins 
4:45     Recessional 
4:50   Family Photos followed by Couples Photos
4:50   Coffee Hour / Cocktail Hour
5:20   Bridal Party will meet for Introduction
5:30   Introduction of Mr & Mrs + Bridal Party (followed by 1st dances)
5:45   Welcome + Prayer - Dinner Served
6:25   Cake Cutting
6:30   Dance Floor Opens
8:25   Last Song 
8:30   Send off 


12:30 Photographer Arrive - Details
1:00   Check in with the bride 
1:30   Groom Photos
2:00   Cake Arrives
2:15   Bridal Photos
3:30   Put Bride away 
4:00   Ceremony
4:30   End Ceremony, Family Photos
         Parents, Grandparents, Siblings, and Aunt/Uncles and then large group of each (ie, aunts and uncles)
5:00   Wedding Party Group Photos
5:15   Couples Photos 
5:45   Start Reception
6:30   Sunset Photos 
8:30   Photographer leaves


9:00   Access to The Venue 
           Wedding Planner arrives for set up 
12:00 Bride and Bridesmaids arrive for hair/make up onsite 
1:30   DJ arrives for set up 
2:00   Photographer arrives – details/Girls Getting Ready photos
         Bride gets dressed       
3:00   Groom and Groomsmen arrive 
3:45   Groom + Groomsmen Photos
5:00   Prelude music - Seating of guests 
5:30   Ceremony
5:50   Recessional / 
Officiant – Invite guests to Cocktail Hour

6:00   Cocktail Hour
            Formal photos

6:50   Guests take seats for reception

7:00   Introductions – full wedding party, bride/groom (introduce by first name only) 
            First Dance

7:15   Buffet Open (Wedding Party and Family First – DJ to call table numbers)

7:45   Toast – MOB & Best Man

              Cake Cutting

8:00   Dance Floor Open 
9:30   Thank guests for coming 
9:45   Bubble exit

10:00 End of Reception


1:00   Detail Photos
2:00   Bride Make-Up and Candid Photos with Bridal Party
2:30   Groom Photos + Groom Party Photos
3:00   Bride Getting Ready Photos + Bridal Photos + Bridal Party Photos
4:00   Put Wedding Party Away for Ceremony + Touch Up HMU
4:30   Ceremony
5:00   Family phots and bride/groom photos 
6:00   Introductions to Reception
6:05   Reception detail photos + Candid guest photos
7:00   Toasts
7:15   First Dance
7:20   Father/Daughter Dance
7:24   Mother/Son Dance
7:27   Parent's Dance
7:30   Anniversary Dance
7:45   Couples Photos in Scarlett Lounge
8:30   Cake Cutting
8:35   Newlywed game
8:40   Bouquet Toss
8:42   Garter Toss
10:00 Sparkler Send off


11:00  Getting Ready at Venue
12:00  Photographers Arrive Venue for Details Photos
1:30   Groom Getting Ready Photos / Individual Photos / Party Photos
2:15   Bride Getting Ready Photos / Individual Photos     
3:00   First Look with Groom 
3:30   Wedding Party Photos / Bridal Party Photos
3:45   First Look with Dad
4:00   Family Photos
4:30   Put Everyone Away for Ceremony                           
5:00   Ceremony
6:00   Cocktail Hour Starts
9:00   Formal Exit


10:30 Bridal Party Arrives at Venue
2:30   Photographers (Videographers) Arrive at Venue
             Detail photos: rings, dress (all dresses), flowers, cake, tablescapes, etc. 
3:30   Photos with Bride
             Bride and Bridal Party in Robes
             Bride getting into Dress with Mom
             Bride’s First Look with Bridal Party
4:30   Photos with Groom
             Groom Final Touches to Suit
5:00   Guest Arrive / Open Water Station
5:30   Ceremony
6:00   Cocktail Hour
             Family Photos
             Wedding Party Photos
             Couples Photos
6:45   Introductions to Reception
6:50   Open Buffet
7:50   Cake Cutting
             Parent Dances
8:00   Golden Hour Photos (8:15pm might be too late if it’s cloudy)
8:35   Sunset
8:45   PARTYING!
9:15   Fake Exit
9:30   Photographers (Videographers) Leave


8:00   Decorating begins
9:30   Hair and makeup arrive
2:00   Groom and groomsmen arrive
3:00   Photographer arrives
3:15   Groom and groomsmen photos
3:45   Bride with Bridesmaids photos
4:15   Hair/makeup touchups + General venue detail pictures
5:00   Ceremony
5:45   Cocktail Hour + Coordinator converts barn for reception
5:45   Family photos
6:00   Wedding group photos
6:15   Bride and Groom photos
7:15   Introduce Bridal Party
7:20   Dinner begins
7:50   Best man and Maid of Honor Speeches
8:00   Cake cutting
8:10   Shoe Game while people eat dessert
8:20   First Dance
8:25   Invite Guests to dance floor + Sneak away for sunset photos
8:35   Mother/Son Dance
8:40   Father/Daughter Dance
8:45   Siblings Dance in Socks  - Half song
8:50   Everyone dance
9:15   Generations Dance
9:20   Everyone dance
9:50   Last song
9:55   Couple send off
10:00 Guests Leave + Clean up begins


1:00   Photographer Arrives + Detail Photos - Cake, Flowers, Dress, Rings
1:30   Groom Getting Ready / Grooms Party Photos
2:00   Bride Getting Ready / Bridal Party Getting Ready / Bridal Party Photos
3:15   First Look with Dad
4:00   Ceremony
4:30   Family Photos
4:45   Wedding Party Photos
5:00   Couples Photos
5:30   Introductions to Reception
5:40   First Dances
             Wedding Games
8:00   Sunset / Possible Sunset Photos


2:00   Detail photos 
2:30   Photos of Bride and Bridal Party 
3:30   Photos of Groom and Groomsmen
4:30   Wedding prelude – music as guests arrive
5:00   Wedding ceremony
5:30   Photos/Cocktail hour
6:15   Wedding party arrival/introductions
6:20   First dance
6:25   Father of the bride dance
6:30   Groom & mother in law dance
6:35   Blessing of the food
6:40   Dinner is served
7:15   Toasts
7:25   Cake cutting
7:30   Dancing begins
8:10   Garter toss
8:15   Bouquet toss
8:30   Last dance(s)
8:45   Sendoff
9:00   Afterparty


9:30   Start hair/ makeup for Bride/Bridesmaids
11:30 Lunch for Bridal Party
12:00 Photographer Arrives (Begins Detail Pictures/ getting ready Pictures)
1:00   Groomsmen get dressed/ ready (Photographer takes detail/ getting ready pictures of guys)
2:00   Pictures of Bridal Party (Bride with Bridesmaids & Groom with Groomsmen) 
2:00   String Trio arrives for Ceremony & DJ arrives
4:00   Pre-Ceremony Pictures finished
4:00   Hide Bridal Party
4:00   Ring Check (Best man)
4:00   Prelude music by string trio begins/ guests arrive
4:30   Ceremony Start
5:00   Ceremony ends
5:00   Sonny’s BBQ arrives 
5:00   Cocktail Hour
5:00   Bride & Groom Pictures/ Full Bridal Party Pictures
6:00   Reception Begins
6:00   Announce Wedding Party
6:10   Bride & Groom go into Crazy Dance
6:15   Welcome/ Blessing from Mother of the Bride
6:30   Dinner is served (DJ call tables by number)
7:30   Cake Cutting
7:35   Toasts
7:45   Father/ Daughter Dance, Mother/ Son Dance, First dance for Bride & Groom
8:00   Open Dance Floor
9:45   Last Dance 
9:50   Bar Closes 
10:00 Bubbles Send off
10:15 Guests Gone/ Begin Clean Up
11:00 Off Property


7:00   Girls Arrive at Venue
             Hair and Makeup 
12:00 Groomsmen Arrive
             Lunch Delivered for Girls
             Photographers Arrive
             Detail Photos
1:00   Bride Getting Ready 
1:30   First Look
             Bridal Party Photos

             Groomsmen Photos
             Full Wedding Party
2:30   Put Wedding Party Away
3:00   Ceremony
3:30   Family Photos
4:15   Reception
             First Dance
4:30   Dinner
6:00   Couples Photos Golden Hour
             Cake Cutting
             Wedding Games
6:45   Sunset
9:00   Photographers Leave


8:00   Setup
             Bridesmaids & Bride arrive
             Hair & Makeup Arrive
1:00   Groomsmen Arrive to decorate
             Cake Arrives
2:00   Photographer Arrive 
2:30   Groomsmen & Groom get ready
2:30   DJ Arrives 
3:00   First Looks & Bridal Shots
3:30   Officiant Arrives 
4:00   Bride & Groom Hideaway & Refresh
4:15   Guest Arrive
4:30   Ceremony
5:00   Family Photos
             Cocktail/Appetizers (Mac & Cheese Bar)
6:00   Bridesmaids & Groomsmen Entrance
             Bride & Groom Grand Entrance
             First Dance
6:45   Bride & Uncle
             Groom & Mom Dance
6:50   Wedding Shoe Game
7:30   Toast - Groom
7:50   Pusheen Toss (Similar to Garter/Bouquet Toss)
7:55   Dance
8:45   Last Call
8:55   Last Dance
9:00   Send Off – Bubbles







[email protected] (Trickey Durham Photography) Marianna Wedding Photographer Tallahassee Photographer Tallahassee Wedding Photographer Trickey Durham Photography Trickey Photography Wedding Photographer Sun, 04 Dec 2022 19:21:02 GMT
The Kent's // Wedding // Woodberry Farms // Florida Wedding Photographer Chris + Heather

November 20th, 2021
Woodberry Farms 

A black dress. Hot rods. Live music. Rustic farm. Need I say more?

 NO? But I'm going to.

Red velvet bridesmaid dress. Black converses. Gold accent. 

Plus two of the most amazing people you'll ever met. Heather and Chris are wonderful people with a true understanding of what a relationship means. They are so good together; I mean so GOOD together. They know how to work hard and play hard. I love keeping up with all their fun family trips and Heather's cake baking skills. It's so inspiring to see them.

Their wedding is a perfect example of an edgy fall wedding!

Venue: Woodberry @woodberry_havana_fl

Coordinator: Casey McLuckie, Lucki Events @luckievents 

DJ: DJ Speed Racer @djspeedracer 

Catering/Bar: Jeff Kent (Chris’ Dad)

Florist: A Country Rose @acountryrosefl 

Hair: The Mane Event @themaneeventtally 

Makeup: James Aesthetic @jamesaesthetictally  

Cake: A Bite of Delight @abodcakery 

Bartender: Patrick Carney 

Band: Kenji Bolden Quartet @musicbolden


[email protected] (Trickey Durham Photography) a bite of delight a country rose james aesthetic tallahassee photographer tallahassee wedding photographer Trickey Durham Photography trickey photography wedding photographer woodberry farms Sun, 21 Aug 2022 01:00:00 GMT
Erin's // Graduation // Florida State University // Tallahassee Graduation Photographer Erin

April 2022
Florida State University

Graduating is not an easy thing to do, especially the last few years. I can't imagine how it felt for some of the students and teachers that went through such a disconnect during one of the most crucial times in someone's life. I really feel like the students that have navigated going to school through a pandemic are going to be some the most resilient citizens.

Erin is one of my dear friend's sister, so of course I said "heck yes!" to doing her graduation photos. (Which he paid for, as a gift for her! How sweet!) Both of them were experiencing some pretty heavy life situations at the time, which makes this moment so much more. 

Congratulations to all graduates; former, current and future graduates. 

Venue: Florida State University

[email protected] (Trickey Durham Photography) florida state university fsu graduation graduation photographer photographer tallahassee photographer Trickey Durham Photography trickey photography Sun, 14 Aug 2022 01:00:00 GMT
The St. Fleur's // Wedding // Goodwood Museum // Florida Wedding Photographer Nikema & Matthew 

Goodwood Museum, Florida
August 28th, 2021

Fire! Intense fire! That would be the ONLY word to describe this wedding. 

Nikema and Matthew are on fire for each other. They are also as hot as fire. I mean, look at how good they look. I was completely blown away at the level in which their wedding at. It was such a pleasure to watch them say their vows to each other in front of friends in family on the lawn at Goodwood Museum and Gardens, which made the perfect backdrop. 

Their couples' photos also can be described as fire. They have such a deep, passionate flame for each other. They are a force of nature together and they are shaking the world around them. 

Wedding Photographer: Trickey Photography
Venue: Goodwood Museum and Gardens @goodwoodmuseumandgardens
DJ: DJ Boogie G @boogieg305
Planner: Eventive Impressions 
Bridal Make-Up: Gladys @bygladysolivia
Bridal Hair Install: Courtnee @courtneedidit
Bridal Hair Styling: Dellisa Tapper @hush_its_dellisa
Nails: Bellezza Beauty Bar @bellezzabeautybar 

Dress: Daris Cordell @Darius_Cordell_fashion
Groom’s Tux: Rich Men Looks @RichMenLooks 
Suits: The Black Tux @theblacktux 
Groom’s Hair: @jrebelhair & @brebaby954
Videographer: Vita Bona @Jakilomari
Getting Ready Venue: Sienna Lee Gardens @siennaleegardens



[email protected] (Trickey Durham Photography) goodwood museum marianna photographer marianna wedding photographer tallahassee photographer tallahassee wedding photographer trickey photography wedding photographer Sat, 06 Aug 2022 21:53:24 GMT
Lainey's // 6 Month // Maclay Gardens // Florida Family Photographer Lainey
May 2022
6 Month Session

Heeeellllloooooo Gorgeous! 

Lainey fills my heart with joy and happiness. I mean, look at how adorable she is. I am so thankful her mother and father are such a cute couple, (lol). She has been a treat since her first session. I can't wait to keep watching her grow. 

I love my job!

Venue: Maclay Gardens

[email protected] (Trickey Durham Photography) 6 month photos family photographer family session ideas marianna family photographer marianna photographer portrait photographer tallahassee family photographer tallahassee photographer trickey photography Wed, 15 Jun 2022 21:31:17 GMT
The Toth's // Wedding // Carrabelle // Florida Wedding Photographer Deanna & Michael 

Carrabelle, Florida
November 13th, 2021

One of the best parts about my job is getting to travel.

Travis really enjoys when we get to travel somewhere warm, (he's such a big baby when it comes to the cold, lol). When we had clients that said the wedding was going to be in Carrabelle, we found ourselves in excitement. Most of us know how gorgeous that area is and this wedding did not disappoint. 

Deanna and Michael are a stunning couple with a hearts larger than life. And, they're pretty darn cool. I try to keep up with all their travels and biker adventures and I am always in awe. I think Travis a tad jealous, he's been dying to get back on a bike for years now. 

Their wedding was a beautiful backyard wedding with a little pop! Look at how inviting and festive everything looked. AND the sunset was outstanding, absolutely outstanding. Just see for yourself!  


Wedding Photographer: Trickey Photography
Venue: Carrabelle
DJ: Amplify Entertainment
HMU: Cori Norton at Chelsea Salon and Spa
Caterer: Catering by Judi


[email protected] (Trickey Durham Photography) carrabelle photographer marianna photographer marianna wedding photographer tallahassee photographer tallahassee wedding photographer trickey photography wedding photographer Sun, 15 May 2022 01:27:37 GMT
Ariana // Lifestyle Newborn // Tallahassee // Tallahassee Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Ariana Grace 

Newborn Lifestyle Session
Tallahassee, Florida
January 2022

"Babies are bits of stardust, blown from the hand of God." - Larry Barretto

There is something so wonderful about photographing a newborn or baby. They are so innocent and so pure that it makes me feel beyond blessed when families let me enter their home and photograph such a gift. 

I feel like I took Carter's and Myles' (my children's) early years for granted. The days would sometimes feel like they were going by so slowly and some days really difficult, but looking back the years FLEW by. I miss how they would fit perfectly in my arms as we would cuddle. I am SO thankful that I got those memories with them, and I'm so honored to photograph those moments for others.

Ariana Grace, I can't wait to watch you grow! Kristine and Louis, y'all are doing an outstanding job.

Newborn Photographer: Trickey Photography



[email protected] (Trickey Durham Photography) Marianna Newborn Lifestyle Photographer Marianna Newborn Photographer Newborn Lifestyle Photographer Newborn Photographer Tallahassee Newborn Lifestyle Photographer Tallahassee Newborn Photographer Tallahassee Photographer Trickey Photography Mon, 07 Mar 2022 04:43:31 GMT
Helpful Tips for Your Wedding Day from a Professional Photographer // Wedding Photographer 6 Helpful Tips for Your Wedding Day from a Professional Photographer 

1. Create a shot list with your wedding photographer!

After weeks of research you've hired your wedding photographer. Hooray! Now, it's time to create a unique shot list for your big day. That's everything from details of the dress, flowers, cake, to candid photos of your mom during your first dance. It's important to have a discussion with your photographer so they know what to aim for. 

2. Gather all your items for your detail photos! 

Oh man! I can't tell you how much I love it when a bride/wedding planner/wedding coordinator hands me a box with all the special details; invitation, rsvp card, menu, program, earrings, necklace, bow tie, shoes, etc. It saves so much time and it's a great way to let your photographer see what needs to be shot. 

3. Let your wedding photographer help with your timeline! 

Sometimes brides and grooms may schedule an hour for groomsmen photos, and I tell you what, those are some of the easiest photos and we definitely don't need an hour. But hey! How would you know that? This is your first wedding. Photographers know what they are capable of and how long they will need for different shots. 

4. Consider a "first look" before the ceremony! 

As a bride who walked down the aisle without a first look, Travis and I were SO nervous. I feel like he and I would have enjoyed the moment alone with our boys (Carter and Myles). Maybe then I would not have been so nervous walking down the aisle and I could have taken that time to look at the all the guest that were present at that moment. ALSO! Consider this, you want a winter wedding but the sunsets at 4:30pm and you don't want a lunch wedding, how will you get all the photos done after a the ceremony without competing with the sunset? A first look is a great way to give time for couples' photos before the ceremony/sunset. 

5. Trust your photographer! 

You hired them for a reason, right? Trust your wedding gurus. Allow your wedding photographer to kindly guide you toward the best lighting and location situations. Professional photographers know how to help pose and direct you and your partner to comfortable photo-worthy moments. A great way to shake off some of the nerves that come being photographed is to shoot an engagement session.

6. Embrace an adventure!

You only get married once (hopefully), don't be scared to have an adventure. Lay in the grass, cross that bridge, play in the rain, do the unexpected, believe me, it is worth the photos! Some of my favorite photos are the ones where the clients say, "let's go for it!" Those are magic words and music to my ears. Don't be afraid of what others may think, just enjoy your day and have fun! 

When in doubt, ask your photographer! We love questions! We are here to help you. 



[email protected] (Trickey Durham Photography) Helpful Tips for Your Wedding Day Marianna Wedding Photographer Tallahassee Wedding Photographer Trickey Photography wedding photographer Sat, 05 Feb 2022 20:26:54 GMT
The Hengstebeck's // Wedding // Twelve Oaks Farm // Georgia Wedding Photographer Hayley and Ashley 

March 20th, 2021
Twelve Oaks Farm 

A day filled with love; led by friendship and kindness.

This was such a beautiful and wonderful day. Ashley and Hayley are the sweetest, most giving people you could ever ask to know. Their wedding day was planned and shaped perfectly. (Even when the ring fell in the crack in the porch and took numerous folks to fish it out.) 

One of our favorite weddings from 2021!

Photographer: Trickey Photography
Venue: Twelve Oaks Farm
Caterer: Black Fig @black_fig    
Dress: Vocelles @vocellesbridal
Suit: Men's Warehouse        
Cake: DK Baking @dkbaking
DJ: DJ TSchnegg @fitlife_tschnegg


[email protected] (Trickey Durham Photography) georgia photographer georgia wedding photographer trickey photography twelve oaks farm wedding photographer Sun, 16 Jan 2022 22:45:09 GMT
The Wade's // Wedding // The Conservatory at Waterstone // Georgia Wedding Photographer Jarail & Courtney 

The Conservatory at Waterstone
February 20th, 2021



"Be a boss. Date a boss. Build an empire." – Unknown

This power couple is an indestructible force. They are two independent, intelligent, and hard-working people that came together, and now nothing can stop them from achieving their dreams! They are building an amazing life for themselves. 

I am so honored they chose us to photograph their wedding!

Wedding Photographer: Trickey Photography
Venue: Conservatory at Waterstone 
Videographer: CK Visuals @ckenneyvisuals 
HMU: Beauty Mark Artistry @beautymark_artistry 
HMU: Austen Victoria @thechampagnechair 
Tux: Men’s Warehouse


[email protected] (Trickey Durham Photography) Conservatory at Waterstone Marianna Photographer Marianna Wedding Photographer Tallahassee Photographer Tallahassee Wedding Photographer Trickey Photography Wedding Photographer Tue, 28 Dec 2021 16:23:53 GMT
7 Tips for Photographing with Children // Family Photographer // Trickey Photography Photoshoot with Children

The best ways to prepare your kids for photoshoots!

1. Bring some cute outfits! Everything from bright colorful outfits to pretty tutus brings out the biggest smiles in little girls- and for the boys bowties and hats make for some adorable and dashing photos!

2. Sometimes props will out the biggest smiles! Your kid's favorite stuffed animals or action figures will make for happy photos.

3. Letting your kid run around will make for some gorgeous and giggly candid shots! Getting to see the excitement and wonder through photos of your kids will be something you treasure for a lifetime.

4. Make sure to bring water and snacks, kids get dehydrated pretty easily and you want to avoid hangry kiddos as much as possible.

5. Make sure to bring your best fun faces! When kids do photos on their own it's best to make some faces behind the camera for the best photos and big smiles!

6. Sometimes the best photos are unplanned! While having a list of family photos in mind is a great idea, there will always be a few unexpected moments. Flexibility during a family photoshoot is super important!

7. And remember, be patient and enjoy the moments! These photos and the shoot itself is a memory being made!


Family Photographer: Trickey Photography


[email protected] (Trickey Durham Photography) Family Photographer Marianna Photographer Tallahassee Photographer Tips for Photoshoot with Children Trickey Photography Mon, 02 Aug 2021 23:01:45 GMT
Ashley & James // Engagement // St. Mark's Lighthouse // Tallahassee Engagement Photographer Ashley & James 

St. Mark's Lighthouse
May 2021

A lot of my clients haven't had professional photos. 

Ashley and James were in the same boat, however, you would have never known it. They have such a chemistry that made my job so easy. The session brought so many smiles and laughter. 

I'm so excited for their wedding!
Their love is truly amazing and it shows in the photos.

Engagement Photographer: Trickey Photography 

[email protected] (Trickey Durham Photography) Engagement Photographer Marianna Engagement Photographer Marianna Photographer Tallahassee Engagement Photographer Tallahassee Photographer Trickey Photography Fri, 09 Jul 2021 20:12:59 GMT
The Evan's // Wedding // Shiloh Farm // Tallahassee Wedding Photographer Tiffany and Tyler

February 2021
Shiloh Farm

Tiffany and Tyler are a match made in heaven, or well, on the hunting fields near Perry. These lucky shots found each other when hunting for something else. Who knew they were both going to big home the big one on that trip? 

Watching them on our engagement session I knew their wedding was going to be one in a million, and boy, was I right. It was an amazing day with the best weather at the most outstanding venue. Travis and I really enjoyed working that day! 

Shilohs Farm is so unique! It offers a bridal cottage, large oaks for just the right amount of shade, rolling fields of green, an adorable white chapel which is attached to the most rustic-chic barn I have ever come across. There is so much love and life on that land. 


Wedding Photographer: Trickey Photography @trickeyphotos 

Venue: Shiloh’s Farm @shilohfarmevents

Make Up: Lisa Davis @imagebylisa 

Hair: Kristine Dobosenski @tallybeautygirl 

Caterer: Red Hills Catering @redhillscaters

Florist: Mrs. Dent, Shiloh’s Farm

Dress: Vocelles @vocellesbridal

Cake: Pink Box Bakery 

DJ: Amplify Entertainment @amplifydjs


[email protected] (Trickey Durham Photography) Marianna Wedding Photographer Shiloh Farm Tallahassee Photographer Trickey Photography Vocelles wedding photographer Thu, 03 Jun 2021 17:30:41 GMT
Dodson // Family // Maclay Gardens // Tallahassee Family Photographer Dodson Family

February 2021
Maclay Gardens

This family is the definition of fun and positivity! They were so much fun to work with. I mean, how cute are these little ones?!

The Japanese Magnolias set the perfect backdrop for this sweet family!

Venue: Maclay Gardens
Family Photographer: Trickey Photography

[email protected] (Trickey Durham Photography) Family Photographer Maclay Gardens Tallahassee Family Photographer Tallahassee Photographer Trickey Photography Thu, 03 Jun 2021 16:47:31 GMT
Brandon & Victoria // Engagement // Maclay Gardens // Tallahassee Engagement Photographer Brandon & Victoria

March 2021
Maclay Gardens

Brandon and Victoria have been together for a lifetime, you can see how much they love each other by the way they look at one another. The couple celebrated wedding planning by getting their engagement photos done in beautiful Maclay Gardens with the Japanese Magnolia trees in bloom. We are so excited to shoot their wedding in June!

Engagement Photographer: Trickey Photography

[email protected] (Trickey Durham Photography) Engagement Photographer Maclay Gardens Marianna Photographer Tallahassee Photographer Trickey Photography Wed, 28 Apr 2021 15:36:30 GMT
Summer Photo Shoot Tips Tips for Summer Photo Shoots

Get ready to make memories with Trickey Photography!

With summer coming up it opens the door for some gorgeous backdrops, perfect for family moments, romantic summer weddings, and exciting beach getaways! Here are some tips on how to prepare for summer fun.

1. Dress for the heat! While summer in the South is known for its brutal heat, it does allow for breaking out sundresses, flowy bohemian styles, and sweet skirt outfits. To match the feeling of summer and the flower-y backdrop wear white and bright colors to highlight your surroundings. To bring out the best of summer (and beat the heat) bring an umbrella. It adds a romantic flare to any photo while staying cool.

2. Prepare for the landscape. Outdoor shoots in the park are a lot of fun but need everything from sunscreen and bug spray to backup deodorant to beat the heat and the bugs! 

3. Hydrate as much as possible! Remember to start drinking water the day before for ideal hydration. Bring one or two water bottles per person and make sure to drink your water while walking to the next spot or take hydration breaks between shots!

4. Prevent your makeup from running! The summer heat can cause your makeup to run, using a good setting spray can prevent your makeup from sweating off your face.

5. Go on an adventure! Take a trip to one of the gorgeous beaches around Florida and cool off in the gorgeous crystal clear waters of St. George Island or even Alligator Point! 

6. Shoot for golden hour but don’t forget that summer lighting can bring some gorgeous sunsets! If you’re taking photos at night you can get some magical shots of your kids chasing after lightning bugs or some lovely silhouettes of you and your sweetheart. The possibilities are endless!

7. For summer weddings try using sparklers! Not only do they make for magical photos but they also highlight the beauty of summer while delighting your guests.

8. Enjoy your surroundings. Spray on that bug spray and (safely) tromp through the grass, sometimes going off the beaten path can make for the best photos! 

9. Bring bubbles for the kids, or adults! Bubbles are truly the essence of summer, they cause smiles and are perfect for getting that happy, giggly candid shot!

10. Remember to enjoy the moment, summer is the time for watermelon and fireworks! Capturing these special moments will bring smiles and laughs for years after.

[email protected] (Trickey Durham Photography) 10 Tips for Summer Photo Sessions family photographer Marianna Family Photographer Tallahassee Photographer Trickey Photography wedding photographer Sat, 24 Apr 2021 02:20:33 GMT
The Jacques' // Wedding // Havana Springs Resort // Tallahassee Wedding Photographer Jacques Wedding

Havana Springs Resort
November 2020


“It’s the little things that matter the most”

You can tell that Amanda and Kevin are in love from the way they look at each other; they speak a love language that most have never heard. It's unending. I'm so thankful to witness such a love. 

Amanda does a job that very few can do; teach. Not only can she teach, but she's the kind of teacher that really makes an impact. My children were not able to have her as a teacher, but they still know her by name and speak very highly of her. 

I've known Kevin and his family for over a decade, (or two). Even as I write this a smile comes to my face, and if you've spent anytime with the Jacques you understand why. What a family! There has very been a dull moment and I am so thankful for all the happy times. I'm so glad you are here today Kevin, I can only image how hard it was for you to get here due to all the medical mountains in your path. You conquered them, well, crushed them really. 

Thank you for letting me photograph this amazing day in your lives. 

Wedding Photographer: Trickey Photography @trickeyphotos 
Make-Up: Jamie, James Aesthetic @jamesaesthetictally
Hair: Erin, Pearl & Honey @pearlandhoneysalon 
Caterer: Chef Billy, Rutabaga
Dress: White Weddings @whiteweddingstallahassee
Suit: Dillards
Cake: Publix
Day of Coordinator: Lianne Bell
Venue: Havana Springs Resort @havanasprings


[email protected] (Trickey Durham Photography) Havana Springs Resort Tallahassee Photographer Tallahassee Wedding Photographer Trickey Photography White Weddings Thu, 08 Apr 2021 15:56:31 GMT
The Neubauer's // Wedding // Glen Arven Country Club // Thomasville Wedding Photographer Hannah and David

October 31st, 2020
First Presbyterian Church Thomasville, GA
Glen Arven Country Club, Thomasville, GA

“I love you with so much of my heart that none of it is left to protest with. Come, bid me do anything for thee. Come, ask me to do anything for you”- William Shakespeare 


Hannah and David are two halves of the same soul and you can tell very quickly after meeting them, they complete each other. Their gorgeous wedding with white dresses and tuxes was the perfect way to showcase their unique, loving moments; not only because it was absolutely gorgeous but also because the bride used to work there and got to see some of her close friends at her wedding! It was truly a beautiful start to the rest of their lives!

Ceremony Venue: First Presbyterian Church, Thomasville, Ga
Reception Venue: Glen Arven Country Club
Coordinator: Hilary DeArmon
HMU: Brenna Beever & Miranda Dane
Florist: Batalie Braswell
Caterer: Glen Arven Country Club
Dress: White Magnolia
DJ: DJ's to Go
Cake: Lee Cain


[email protected] (Trickey Durham Photography) Glen Arven Country Club Thomasville Wedding Thomasville Wedding Photographer Trickey Photography Wedding Photography White Magnolia Sun, 14 Mar 2021 18:21:31 GMT
Riley // Lifestyle Newborn // Georgia // Georgia Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Riley Arline

January 2021

I know having a little one shakes up your whole world, and leaves you feeling uncertain or scared, but one things I can promise you is that you will never find another love like the love you share with each one of your children. Each child is special and irreplaceable. Each child will show you new things, new love, new ways of looking at life that will forever reshape who you are. 

Riley is a very lucky girl, Leah and Tyler. You are going to be great parents! 
The dedication and love that you all show to each other will continue to grow, even through sleepless nights. 

I can't wait to see her again soon!

Newborn Photographer: Trickey Photography


[email protected] (Trickey Durham Photography) family photographer marianna newborn photographer marianna photographer tallahassee newborn photographer tallahassee photographer trickey photography Mon, 22 Feb 2021 18:06:03 GMT
The Taylor's // Wedding // Crum Farms // Crawfordville Wedding Photographer Ashleigh & Ryan 

November 2020
Crum Farms, Crawfordville

I knew, JUST KNEW, after meeting Ashleigh and Ryan at their engagement session, that their wedding was going to be perfect. && just look at how these photos turned out. 

The fall color palette that Lily Lou Designs composed is a photographer's dream. The wispy, yet purposeful, floral arrangements on the tablescapes really help take the wedding to whole other level.

However, the icing on the cake, (speaking of, HOW CUTE IS THAT DOG CAKE?), was being in the presence of two incredibly thoughtful, loving and kind individuals on such a memorable day. Ashleigh and Ryan's relationship just makes sense; you get it from the moment you meet them. You can really see that they not only love each other, but they respect each other as a team. 

This was such a fun wedding for Trickey Photography to photograph and video. I really enjoy when we get to be wedding videographers as well. As an artist, I feel like I get to fill in some of the spaces. 

Wedding Photographer: Trickey Photography
Wedding Videographer: Trickey Photography
Venue: Crum Farms 

Rentals: A to Z Rental, Tent
Rentals: Fairytales, Chairs and Dance Floor
Rentals: Talquin, Portable Restroom
Caterer: RyRy’s Kitchen
Wedding Planner: Lily Lou Designs
Florist: Lily Lou Designs
Design and Decor: Lily Lou Designs


[email protected] (Trickey Durham Photography) marianna photographer marianna wedding photographer tallahassee photographer tallahassee wedding photographer trickey photography wedding photographer Mon, 15 Feb 2021 05:26:27 GMT
Barn at Hilltop Acres // Wedding Venue Styled Shoot // Monitcello Wedding Photographer Barn at Hilltop Acres

November 2020

It is always incredible when a new vendor enters the wedding industry in our area. There are so many talented, thoughtful, and driven business owners that surround and support our area. There is so much love to give!

The Barn at Hilltop Acres is no exception to this. The owners are not only a completely adorable couple, but they are also a great addition to what our wedding industry can offer. They put so much thought and consideration into building.

The venue has:  a bridal suite, a groom suite (yes, gentlemen, you actually have a place to get ready), warming kitchen, ceremony site, covered reception area, picture perfect backgrounds, plenty of parking, and great areas for photos! 

This venue is definitely one of my new faves!

Venue: Barn at Hilltop Acres