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Hannah and David

October 31st, 2020
First Presbyterian Church Thomasville, GA
Glen Arven Country Club, Thomasville, GA

“I love you with so much of my heart that none of it is left to protest with. Come, bid me do anything for thee. Come, ask me to do anything for you”- William Shakespeare 


Hannah and David are two halves of the same soul and you can tell very quickly after meeting them, they complete each other. Their gorgeous wedding with white dresses and tuxes was the perfect way to showcase their unique, loving moments; not only because it was absolutely gorgeous but also because the bride used to work there and got to see some of her close friends at her wedding! It was truly a beautiful start to the rest of their lives!

Ceremony Venue: First Presbyterian Church, Thomasville, Ga
Reception Venue: Glen Arven Country Club
Coordinator: Hilary DeArmon
HMU: Brenna Beever & Miranda Dane
Florist: Batalie Braswell
Caterer: Glen Arven Country Club
Dress: White Magnolia
DJ: DJ's to Go
Cake: Lee Cain



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