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Tamara's Bridal Session

South Eden Plantation
May 2020

Anyone that knows me, knows that South Eden Plantation is near and dear to my heart; since it's where Travis and I made our family whole. So when Kristine, with Beauty and Grace, reached out to me about doing a bridal session with Tamara, there was NO way I could pass this up. && This was such a fun bridal session with Tamara.

White Weddings kindly donated 3 dresses for us to use, and each one is stunning in their own way. My favorite is the over the shoulder dress. It gives such a simple elegance vibe, and photographs really well! 

Elle, with Missy Gunnels Flowers, did an epic job on the flowers. I'm not sure how she did it, but the bouquets perfectly complimented the dresses. The pink bouquet really accented the slightly blush wedding dress.

Kristine, with Beauty and Grace, really showed her master skills! She was able to show off all the best wedding hair styles while still perfectly highlighting each dress. I was extremely impressed! I mean, looks at that fishtail braid! && The way Kristine took the braid and magically turned it into a cute updo; AMAZING. I think it's a great idea for brides to do during their wedding day!

All of these vendors really know what they're doing! I can't wait to do another session with them!

Venue: South Eden Plantation
Hair and Make-Up: Beauty and Grace / Kristine
Flowers: Missy Gunnels Flowers / Elle
Dresses: White Weddings


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