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Leah & Tyler

Gin Creek
January 2020

Love is being able to understand your person, even when no one else does.
Leah and Tyler understand each other and it shows. It seems as if she can just give him a look and he knows exactly what she's saying. It's amazing to see such a connection, but what's even better, is PHOTOGRAPHING that connection. 

This was such a beautiful event! Gin Creek is always a lovely venue for a wedding, and they give so many options to their clients. Southern Pines Catering is owned and operated by Leah's mother, and I can't praise the food enough. It was perfect!

Leah and Tyler booked us for 5 hours. :) Since there was no wedding party, this was just enough time to get everything they wanted. 

Wedding Photographer: Trickey Photography
Wedding Videographer: Trickey Photography
Venue: Gin Creek
Dj: Matthew Murphy
Catering: Southern Pines
Dress: Vocelles 
Florist: Blooms on Broad in Camilla & Cottage Flowers in Pelham 



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