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September 02, 2019  •  2 Comments

Real Estate and Rental Photographer 

Photos go a long way when selling a home. Now days, a lot of people are using their cell phone cameras to photograph homes they are renting or selling, but you really can't get the best details or composition. Mediocre images negatively reflect what you are offering. 

You have about 20 seconds to engage potential bookings.

Professional photographs WILL increase your bookings! 

Real Estate Photographer
Tallahassee Real Estate Photographer
Rental Photographer
Tallahassee Rental Photographer

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B Ross(non-registered)
Such a nice and interesting post.
Thanks for sharing valuable information, keep it up writing. Again thank advance for your new post.
Icons Marketing(non-registered)
I totally agree with you on photos taken from mobile phone not being detailed enough. There is a huge difference in photos taken from a mobile phone and in photos taken in good angles from a professional camera. Getting your rental property professionally photographed no doubt increases the bookings.
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