What to wear for your photo shoot...? // Tallahassee Photographer

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"But, honey, what will I wear?!" 

Choosing what you will wear for your photos is almost as hard as picking a photographer to take them. These will be photos you will hang up on your walls and cherish for years to come. Sometimes, it can seem overwhelming when deciding what to wear but it doesn’t need to be. Here are some great tips to help you pick out the perfect outfits for photo session. 

It's better to coordinate, not match your colors.

Please limit patterns.

Accessories can be great, especially as props.

Think of your home decor, and how they will match. 

Plan ahead!!

Please avoid characters and all white or all black. 

Consider your background.

Think simple and classic!

We have tried to make things a little easy for you, so here are some Pinterest Boards with ideas for each shoot! Please remember to have fun and enjoy. 

** what to wear for engagement sessions **

-- what to wear for a family session --

\\ what to wear for a graduation session //

~~ what to wear for a children's session ~~

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