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can we talk about quality? show that you love your photos!! 

"Print Quality is Important
The best way to archive your digital images is to have them printed on a high quality photographic printer. If you have printed photos on a home printer, you may have already noticed those prints fading. It would be hard, and expensive, to recover the images from badly printed photos if they have to be restored. The type of equipment used at a photo lab was designed to print high quality prints that will last for decades. Some black & white photos from the early 1900s still look as they did when they were created.

Making prints on a home printer can become costly too, when you add up all the money spent on ink and photo paper. A home printer can be great for a quick print or two, but who wants to have to sit at a computer and print 50 or 100 or more photos from a vacation. Your photo lab can quickly, easily and affordably print all of your digital photos, in a variety of sizes. And, you can create wonderful photo gifts at your photo lab too, like mugs, shirts, canvas prints, posters, and much more." - Hampton Photo Arts

I'm so happy to offer quality prints to my customers, through Zenfolio and their partnership with MPix.




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