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Jason & Phyllis


The Love of a Gentle Man

There is a place where the land bows down to kiss the misty tide,

Where rolling waves bring memories of the place my heart resides.

There among the old fishing shacks that stretch along the shore,

I find the thing I’m longing for, in your sweet embrace once more.

We sit together on a weathered log I carve my initials on,

And as you mend the fishing net, I sing your favorite song,

“Oh Danny Boy”, falls on the wind and floats across the bay,

As you smile at me and melt my heart, with words you do not say.


Beneath a golden sun with the fish and the smell of wild flowers,

A little girl and her Grandpa, sit happily and while away the hours,

And when the sun dips in the bay, we put the mended nets away,

And hand-in-hand walk home again, to the end of a perfect day.


Author:  Elaine George







Wedding Photographer: Trickey Photography



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