Mason // Children's Portraits // Dorothy B Oven Park // Tallahassee Family Photographer

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Mister Mason

Mason | One Year | 2016Mason | One Year | 2016

Here are some lovely tips and tricks to growing up to be a gentleman:

Learn how to tie a tie.  Always hold open doors, pull out chairs, give her your coat. Chivalry is not dead. Never let anyone do your thinking for you.  Know your way around power tools. Learn empathy. In all situations be able to put yourself in the position of the person you are interacting with.  You can't feel your way into an action, but you can always act your way into a feeling. Respect all mankind, and the creatures we protect. 

Love to love!

We are all excited to see what wonders you will do for the world. 

Mason | One Year | 2016Mason | One Year | 2016 Mason | One Year | 2016Mason | One Year | 2016

Family Photographer: Trickey Photography



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