Lainey's // 6 Month // Maclay Gardens // Florida Family Photographer

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May 2022
6 Month Session

Heeeellllloooooo Gorgeous! 

Lainey fills my heart with joy and happiness. I mean, look at how adorable she is. I am so thankful her mother and father are such a cute couple, (lol). She has been a treat since her first session. I can't wait to keep watching her grow. 

I love my job!

Venue: Maclay Gardens

The Toth's // Wedding // Carrabelle // Florida Wedding Photographer

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Deanna & Michael 

Carrabelle, Florida
November 13th, 2021

One of the best parts about my job is getting to travel.

Travis really enjoys when we get to travel somewhere warm, (he's such a big baby when it comes to the cold, lol). When we had clients that said the wedding was going to be in Carrabelle, we found ourselves in excitement. Most of us know how gorgeous that area is and this wedding did not disappoint. 

Deanna and Michael are a stunning couple with a hearts larger than life. And, they're pretty darn cool. I try to keep up with all their travels and biker adventures and I am always in awe. I think Travis a tad jealous, he's been dying to get back on a bike for years now. 

Their wedding was a beautiful backyard wedding with a little pop! Look at how inviting and festive everything looked. AND the sunset was outstanding, absolutely outstanding. Just see for yourself!  


Wedding Photographer: Trickey Photography
Venue: Carrabelle
DJ: Amplify Entertainment
HMU: Cori Norton at Chelsea Salon and Spa
Caterer: Catering by Judi


Ariana // Lifestyle Newborn // Tallahassee // Tallahassee Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

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Ariana Grace 

Newborn Lifestyle Session
Tallahassee, Florida
January 2022

"Babies are bits of stardust, blown from the hand of God." - Larry Barretto

There is something so wonderful about photographing a newborn or baby. They are so innocent and so pure that it makes me feel beyond blessed when families let me enter their home and photograph such a gift. 

I feel like I took Carter's and Myles' (my children's) early years for granted. The days would sometimes feel like they were going by so slowly and some days really difficult, but looking back the years FLEW by. I miss how they would fit perfectly in my arms as we would cuddle. I am SO thankful that I got those memories with them, and I'm so honored to photograph those moments for others.

Ariana Grace, I can't wait to watch you grow! Kristine and Louis, y'all are doing an outstanding job.

Newborn Photographer: Trickey Photography



Helpful Tips for Your Wedding Day from a Professional Photographer // Wedding Photographer

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6 Helpful Tips for Your Wedding Day from a Professional Photographer 

1. Create a shot list with your wedding photographer!

After weeks of research you've hired your wedding photographer. Hooray! Now, it's time to create a unique shot list for your big day. That's everything from details of the dress, flowers, cake, to candid photos of your mom during your first dance. It's important to have a discussion with your photographer so they know what to aim for. 

2. Gather all your items for your detail photos! 

Oh man! I can't tell you how much I love it when a bride/wedding planner/wedding coordinator hands me a box with all the special details; invitation, rsvp card, menu, program, earrings, necklace, bow tie, shoes, etc. It saves so much time and it's a great way to let your photographer see what needs to be shot. 

3. Let your wedding photographer help with your timeline! 

Sometimes brides and grooms may schedule an hour for groomsmen photos, and I tell you what, those are some of the easiest photos and we definitely don't need an hour. But hey! How would you know that? This is your first wedding. Photographers know what they are capable of and how long they will need for different shots. 

4. Consider a "first look" before the ceremony! 

As a bride who walked down the aisle without a first look, Travis and I were SO nervous. I feel like he and I would have enjoyed the moment alone with our boys (Carter and Myles). Maybe then I would not have been so nervous walking down the aisle and I could have taken that time to look at the all the guest that were present at that moment. ALSO! Consider this, you want a winter wedding but the sunsets at 4:30pm and you don't want a lunch wedding, how will you get all the photos done after a the ceremony without competing with the sunset? A first look is a great way to give time for couples' photos before the ceremony/sunset. 

5. Trust your photographer! 

You hired them for a reason, right? Trust your wedding gurus. Allow your wedding photographer to kindly guide you toward the best lighting and location situations. Professional photographers know how to help pose and direct you and your partner to comfortable photo-worthy moments. A great way to shake off some of the nerves that come being photographed is to shoot an engagement session.

6. Embrace an adventure!

You only get married once (hopefully), don't be scared to have an adventure. Lay in the grass, cross that bridge, play in the rain, do the unexpected, believe me, it is worth the photos! Some of my favorite photos are the ones where the clients say, "let's go for it!" Those are magic words and music to my ears. Don't be afraid of what others may think, just enjoy your day and have fun! 

When in doubt, ask your photographer! We love questions! We are here to help you. 



The Hengstebeck's // Wedding // Twelve Oaks Farm // Georgia Wedding Photographer

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Hayley and Ashley 

March 20th, 2021
Twelve Oaks Farm 

A day filled with love; led by friendship and kindness.

This was such a beautiful and wonderful day. Ashley and Hayley are the sweetest, most giving people you could ever ask to know. Their wedding day was planned and shaped perfectly. (Even when the ring fell in the crack in the porch and took numerous folks to fish it out.) 

One of our favorite weddings from 2021!

Photographer: Trickey Photography
Venue: Twelve Oaks Farm
Caterer: Black Fig @black_fig    
Dress: Vocelles @vocellesbridal
Suit: Men's Warehouse        
Cake: DK Baking @dkbaking
DJ: DJ TSchnegg @fitlife_tschnegg