Summer Photo Shoot Tips

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Tips for Summer Photo Shoots

Get ready to make memories with Trickey Photography!

With summer coming up it opens the door for some gorgeous backdrops, perfect for family moments, romantic summer weddings, and exciting beach getaways! Here are some tips on how to prepare for summer fun.

1. Dress for the heat! While summer in the South is known for its brutal heat, it does allow for breaking out sundresses, flowy bohemian styles, and sweet skirt outfits. To match the feeling of summer and the flower-y backdrop wear white and bright colors to highlight your surroundings. To bring out the best of summer (and beat the heat) bring an umbrella. It adds a romantic flare to any photo while staying cool.

2. Prepare for the landscape. Outdoor shoots in the park are a lot of fun but need everything from sunscreen and bug spray to backup deodorant to beat the heat and the bugs! 

3. Hydrate as much as possible! Remember to start drinking water the day before for ideal hydration. Bring one or two water bottles per person and make sure to drink your water while walking to the next spot or take hydration breaks between shots!

4. Prevent your makeup from running! The summer heat can cause your makeup to run, using a good setting spray can prevent your makeup from sweating off your face.

5. Go on an adventure! Take a trip to one of the gorgeous beaches around Florida and cool off in the gorgeous crystal clear waters of St. George Island or even Alligator Point! 

6. Shoot for golden hour but don’t forget that summer lighting can bring some gorgeous sunsets! If you’re taking photos at night you can get some magical shots of your kids chasing after lightning bugs or some lovely silhouettes of you and your sweetheart. The possibilities are endless!

7. For summer weddings try using sparklers! Not only do they make for magical photos but they also highlight the beauty of summer while delighting your guests.

8. Enjoy your surroundings. Spray on that bug spray and (safely) tromp through the grass, sometimes going off the beaten path can make for the best photos! 

9. Bring bubbles for the kids, or adults! Bubbles are truly the essence of summer, they cause smiles and are perfect for getting that happy, giggly candid shot!

10. Remember to enjoy the moment, summer is the time for watermelon and fireworks! Capturing these special moments will bring smiles and laughs for years after.

The Jacques' // Wedding // Havana Springs Resort // Tallahassee Wedding Photographer

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Jacques Wedding

Havana Springs Resort
November 2020


“It’s the little things that matter the most”

You can tell that Amanda and Kevin are in love from the way they look at each other; they speak a love language that most have never heard. It's unending. I'm so thankful to witness such a love. 

Amanda does a job that very few can do; teach. Not only can she teach, but she's the kind of teacher that really makes an impact. My children were not able to have her as a teacher, but they still know her by name and speak very highly of her. 

I've known Kevin and his family for over a decade, (or two). Even as I write this a smile comes to my face, and if you've spent anytime with the Jacques you understand why. What a family! There has very been a dull moment and I am so thankful for all the happy times. I'm so glad you are here today Kevin, I can only image how hard it was for you to get here due to all the medical mountains in your path. You conquered them, well, crushed them really. 

Thank you for letting me photograph this amazing day in your lives. 

Wedding Photographer: Trickey Photography @trickeyphotos 
Make-Up: Jamie, James Aesthetic @jamesaesthetictally
Hair: Erin, Pearl & Honey @pearlandhoneysalon 
Caterer: Chef Billy, Rutabaga
Dress: White Weddings @whiteweddingstallahassee
Suit: Dillards
Cake: Publix
Day of Coordinator: Lianne Bell
Venue: Havana Springs Resort @havanasprings


The Neubauer's // Wedding // Glen Arven Country Club // Thomasville Wedding Photographer

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Hannah and David

October 31st, 2020
First Presbyterian Church Thomasville, GA
Glen Arven Country Club, Thomasville, GA

“I love you with so much of my heart that none of it is left to protest with. Come, bid me do anything for thee. Come, ask me to do anything for you”- William Shakespeare 


Hannah and David are two halves of the same soul and you can tell very quickly after meeting them, they complete each other. Their gorgeous wedding with white dresses and tuxes was the perfect way to showcase their unique, loving moments; not only because it was absolutely gorgeous but also because the bride used to work there and got to see some of her close friends at her wedding! It was truly a beautiful start to the rest of their lives!

Ceremony Venue: First Presbyterian Church, Thomasville, Ga
Reception Venue: Glen Arven Country Club
Coordinator: Hilary DeArmon
HMU: Brenna Beever & Miranda Dane
Florist: Batalie Braswell
Caterer: Glen Arven Country Club
Dress: White Magnolia
DJ: DJ's to Go
Cake: Lee Cain


Riley // Lifestyle Newborn // Georgia // Georgia Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

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Riley Arline

January 2021

I know having a little one shakes up your whole world, and leaves you feeling uncertain or scared, but one things I can promise you is that you will never find another love like the love you share with each one of your children. Each child is special and irreplaceable. Each child will show you new things, new love, new ways of looking at life that will forever reshape who you are. 

Riley is a very lucky girl, Leah and Tyler. You are going to be great parents! 
The dedication and love that you all show to each other will continue to grow, even through sleepless nights. 

I can't wait to see her again soon!

Newborn Photographer: Trickey Photography


The Taylor's // Wedding // Crum Farms // Crawfordville Wedding Photographer

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Ashleigh & Ryan 

November 2020
Crum Farms, Crawfordville

I knew, JUST KNEW, after meeting Ashleigh and Ryan at their engagement session, that their wedding was going to be perfect. && just look at how these photos turned out. 

The fall color palette that Lily Lou Designs composed is a photographer's dream. The wispy, yet purposeful, floral arrangements on the tablescapes really help take the wedding to whole other level.

However, the icing on the cake, (speaking of, HOW CUTE IS THAT DOG CAKE?), was being in the presence of two incredibly thoughtful, loving and kind individuals on such a memorable day. Ashleigh and Ryan's relationship just makes sense; you get it from the moment you meet them. You can really see that they not only love each other, but they respect each other as a team. 

This was such a fun wedding for Trickey Photography to photograph and video. I really enjoy when we get to be wedding videographers as well. As an artist, I feel like I get to fill in some of the spaces. 

Wedding Photographer: Trickey Photography
Wedding Videographer: Trickey Photography
Venue: Crum Farms 

Rentals: A to Z Rental, Tent
Rentals: Fairytales, Chairs and Dance Floor
Rentals: Talquin, Portable Restroom
Caterer: RyRy’s Kitchen
Wedding Planner: Lily Lou Designs
Florist: Lily Lou Designs
Design and Decor: Lily Lou Designs