Biven's // Birthing Session // Capital Regional // Tallahassee Birthing Photographer

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Biven's Birthing 

January 2023
Tallahassee, Florida 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I feel like someone's first photo is worth so much more. I love wedding photography. I love family photography. I love maternity photography. How I feel about birthing photography is so much more. 

It has been an honor and a privilege to photograph the Bivens the last few years. I've been with them since their engagement photos. It's been such a lovely journey, and I am so lucky to be able to call them my friend. So of course, when they asked if I would do their birthing session, there was no hesitation.

Birthing photography is my favorite. If I could spend my days doing this, I would.

Taylor & Ben // Couples // Dorothy B Oven // Tallahassee Photographer

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Taylor & Ben

Dorothy B. Oven Park
Fall 2022

Talk about public servants! These folks have dedicated their lives to helping others. Taylor and Ben are so selfless and kind. It was an honor photographing them last fall. (Plus, they look SO GOOD together! I mean, dang!)

We don't get "fall" for very long in Florida, but when we do it's gorgeous. I am so thankful when the leaves change. I feel like it's refreshing to remember that change is good and rest is good. 


The Jones' // Wedding // Loblolly Rise // Georgia Wedding Photographer

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Matthew & Erin 

Loblolly Rise
December 2021

Erin and Matthew's wedding was spectacular!

Their first look was such a treat since they took time to read letters to each other. I feel like it gave Travis and I more insight into WHO they are, and can I just say, they are amazing. Erin and Matt love and appreciate the other's qualities and passions. They know each others strengthens and praise the little moments. It's a very special love. 

I just love when folks use dusty blue in their wedding. It's such an elegant color, in my opinion. Truly, the color palette was really well planned out and looked wonderful at Loblolly Rise. Their winter wedding was beautiful and special.

We were so honored to be their wedding photographers and wedding videographers.

Venue: Loblolly Rise Plantation @loblolly_rise_weddings

Planner: Wildflower Events @wildflowereventdesign

Hair: Amanda Blass @hairbyamandablass

Makeup: Laura J Artistry @laurajartistry

Dress: Vocelles @vocellesbridal

DJ: Abernathy Entertainment @abernathyentertainment

Caterer: Social Catering @socialcatering

Florals: At Last Florals @atlastflorals

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The Mullers' // Wedding // Golden Eagle Country Club // Florida Wedding Photographer

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Tia + Amani  

September 3rd, 2022
Golden Eagle Country Club

Elegant. Kind. Luxurious. Gentle. Glamorous. Affectionate. Fun. Loving. 

This wedding had it all. This wedding should be marked as a standard.

I could tell that Tia and Amani had a deep respect and love for each other when I met them for their engagement session but it was quite clear that their families had a deep love and respect for them as well. When Tia and Amani said they wanted to do a "first touch" instead of a first look I was so excited and just look at how cute they turned out. She cried. I cried. It was beautiful. 

Makeup: Bella’s Face @bellas_faces 
Hairpiece: @thebellabridalexperience 
Hair Stylist: @lawsofbeaute 
Wedding Planner: Sweet Tea Events @sweetteatallahassee
Venue: Golden Eagle Country Club @goldeneaglecc
Florist: A Country Rose @acountryrosefl
DJ: Fire Entertainment @dj_fire116


Trickey Durham Photography // Wedding Photographers and Videographers

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You're engaged! Now what?

First, you need to pick a date and set a budget!

A lot of us are not sure where to start when setting a budget, which is valid because a lot of us haven't been married before. It's good to see what you can offer to the wedding and what you partner can offer to the wedding, then ask family what they are willing to help with. Thankfully, most reputable wedding professionals will have their pricing readily available or even directly on their webpages. 

(Here is ours: Trickey Durham Photography Wedding Photography Pricing )

Next, since you have a date and your budget, it's time to book your vendors. 

Vendors will be excited and happy to hear from you, but please be patience if it times take to get back to you. Most professional vendors will respond within 24-48 hours depending on the day. A lot of us work all weekend (weddings) so please note it's best to reach out during the week. 

12+ months prior

FIRST, A Wedding Planner

Top on the list a wedding planner/coordinator. This is not to say that you can't have a beautiful wedding without one, but boy, oh boy, do they make things a lot easier for you and your family. A wedding planner is like having a fast-pass at Universal; you will get through the line much faster. Wedding planners help you find vendors that match what you are looking for, start on budget, and problem solve. 

SECOND, A Wedding Venue

The wedding venue is definitely next on the list, and depending on the venue, you may need to shuffle your date if you're dead set on a certain place. Most venues are booking 1-2 years out, so it is very important to find one as soon as possible. Once you've found one it will make setting the foundation for your theme and decor so much easier! 

(Here is our wedding venue: Raylene Reserve Wedding Venue )

10-12 months prior

THIRD, Wedding Photographer / Videographer 

I think the wedding photography and videography is crucial (but I'm completely and totally biased). I have been photographing for over 14 years and my husband has been working with me for 5 years now. We have offered wedding videography for the last 3 years as an add-on.  Photography is about how you want to see the day so finding a photographer is very personal and you should make sure that the photographers you go with match your style and your vision; so that you all mesh together. I can tell you from experience that photographing someones wedding is very intimate and we spend a great time of time with our clients on the day of. 

(Here is some of our work: Trickey Durham Photography Wedding Photos )

Our Wedding Photography and Videography Pricing:
Lovely Wedding -$1750 - 5 hours - 1 Photographer - add highlight video $1000
Dazzling Wedding - $2450 - 7 hours - 2 Photographers - add highlight video $1400
Sparkling Wedding - $3150 - 9 hours - 2 Photographers
 - add highlight video $1800
Luxury Wedding - $3500 - 9 hours - 2 Photographers - 
includes 1 hour engagement session - includes 20 page photo album - add highlight video $1800

FOURTH, Wedding Florist

A florist can make or break a wedding day. They are truly magicians. They can completely transform a wedding. It's absolutely amazing what goes into building an arrangement and bouquets. Florist are not vendors you want to wait and book; book soon, and fast! **Also, tell them about your vision and hear what they have to say. Some of the best wedding I've been do, the florist had complete artistic control after the clients gave the a theme. 

FIFTH, Wedding Caterer

Yes, your family and friends are there to see you, but let's be real, they are also there for the food. Our area offers a wide and wonderful selection of caterers, but they also book up fast. Oh, make sure to let them know of any dietary restrictions and concerns up front. It makes the process later a lot easier. 

SIXTH, Wedding Music 

I'm sure all of us can name a song that moves us; makes us feel; lifts our hearts. Music is so special. Make sure to talk with your partner about what you want to hear on your wedding day; songs to make you happy, songs to honor someone, songs to get the party going!  

SEVENTH, Your Wedding Attire & Hair-Make Up 

Have fun! Get what you want to wear, not what your mom expects you to wear. One of the best tips I got when I went to try on dresses was to try on something that I didn't pick out, or didn't envision myself wearing. I am really glad I did, because that was the dress I went with. When considering your make-up, light and natural is wonderful, however, I would consider going a little more dramatic, it really helps define your face shape in photos; kind of like the theatre or ballet.

Your wedding is very important and will take time to plan, and might be stressful at times, so please don't forget to breathe and have fun. Our bodies natural forget stressful moments, your wedding should be one of those things.